Hairband Original


Article No.: 10053.116

Hairband Original – hair extension

There’s no easier way to thick, long hair than with hair extensions! Easily attach your Hairband whenever you want dream locks. It is just as easy to remove. It’s a weft hair extension with a narrow line of thread woven to hold all the strands together, giving you an almost invisible result. All you need to do is put up a third of your hair, attach the Hairband, release your hair and style as desired. A glamorous result in less than five minutes!

The look you’ve always wished for is only a few minutes away...

Hairband is a weft hair extension with a narrow line of thread woven to hold all the strands together.

- Easy to attach
- Ideal of special occasions
- Gentle on your own hair
- Natural-looking result
- Stays in place
- Adjust the size as desired

The hair is attached to a flexible strip of fabric and, if desired, you can also attach it to your own hair with the two integral clips to ensure that the Hairband stays in place.

45 cm: 120 g of hair spread on 30 cm flexible fabric with two clips to ensure the hair stays in place.

1 pin tail comb
1 hairgrip
3 threads
2 integral clips

P.S. Are you familiar with our Clip-on set? It may seem as if the clips are upside down, but that’s so they can easily be clipped in when you’ve attached your Hairband. The clips are just there to ensure that everything sits comfortably in place.

Adjust the size:
You get three threads to attach. In addition, there are five holes on each side so that you can adjust the Rapunzel Hairband to your head size!

This is how:

1. Divide your hair horizontally with the help of the accompanying pin tail comb. Put up the uppermost third of your hair with the hairgrip.
2. If it’s your first time, choose the size of thread you think fits best! Thread it through the horizontal hole and select one of the holes to attach to. Repeat on the other side and adjust until it feels as comfortable as possible.
3. Attach the Hairband.
4. Attach the clips to your own hair by bending them until you hear a click. To ensure it stays in place, you just click in place. Tip! For a longer-lasting look, you can backcomb the hair closest to the parting.
5. Release the hair and let it fall down over the end of the weft. Comb over the thread.
6. Style as desired and enjoy your new locks!