It’s never been easier to have long, voluminous hair! With the help of Hairband, which can be easily attached and removed whenever you want, you get an instant hair extension or added volume. Rapunzel Hairband is a hair extension comprising a weft with a thread and clips that you attach to your head like a halo.

We offer two variants of Hairband: Sleek Hairband and Volume Hairband. Both are perfect for adding length or volume to your hair for a natural-looking result. Hairband, also known as a halo extension and flip-in hair, only takes a minute to attach and gives you a beautiful head of hair. Sleek Hairband and Volume Hairband are available in several different colours, so you can find your perfect match. Both Hairbands can be styled as desired or worn just as they are.


What is the difference between Sleek Hairband and Volume Hairband?



Sleek Hairband consists of 75 g of real hair on a transparent polyurethane (PU) weft. The weft is very thin and flexible, and lies flat against the head. Sleek Hairband can be used for a temporary hair extension or to add volume, and is suitable for thin to medium hair.



Volume Hairband consists of 150 g of real hair sewn onto a weft. The weft is soft and flexible, and blends in perfectly with your own hair. Volume Hairband can be used for a temporary hair extension or to add volume, and is suitable for medium to thick hair.

6 advantages of Hairband Extensions

Hairband is a great product in so many ways. Below are 6 reasons why you should add Hairband to your hairdrobe.

  1. A Hairband gives you a hair extension or volume in no time.
  2. It’s easy to attach and you don’t need any experience to use it.
  3. When used correctly, it does not damage your own hair.
  4. It’s versatile. You can vary your hairstyle from day to day as you can put in and remove Hairband whenever you want.
  5. Hairband can be styled as desired.
  6. Rapunzel’s Hairbands can be used by everyone, whether you have thin, medium-thick or thick hair.