Curly Collection

Create long lengths, volumised hairstyles, and trendy looks with textured extensions. Rapunzel of Sweden’s Curly Collection includes wavy and curly hair extensions from hair types 2b to 3c in various different colours and lengths. The collection offers a variety of temporary and permanent methods. We have Clip-on sets, Clip-in Ponytails, Premium Keratin Extensions and Hair Wefts with beautiful textures.

Create a temporary hair extension or thicken your hair with one of our textured Clip-on sets. The Clip-on sets come in three different textures and are all made of real hair. With our Hair Wefts, you can choose to create your own Clip-on set or attach them to any permanent insertion, e.g. the Beaded Weft method. Both give a naturally beautiful result as the hair is real and has supple curls. For a long-lasting hair extension, Premium Keratin Extensions are available in 3b to 3c curls. The hair is made of real Remy hair and creates fantastic volume. If you want a classic timeless ponytail, our vegan Fibre Clip-in Ponytail has a beautifully wavy texture.


The Curly Girl method

The Curly Girl method is a simple 3-step routine suitable for all types of curls. Washing your hair according to the method will enhance your natural hair texture while nourishing your hair and keeping it healthy. Follow the simple steps below.

Step 1:

Wash hair with the curly girl-approved shampoo, which does not contain sulphates, silicones, dehydrating alcohols. Massage the shampoo into the scalp with a scalp brush or with your fingers for one minute and rinse thoroughly.

Step 2:

Apply a nourishing and moisturising curly girl-approved conditioner to the lengths and leave for 3–5 minutes. While the conditioner is working, you can run your fingers through your hair or comb it with a wide toothed comb. Rinse afterwards.

Step 3:

Dry your hair with a bamboo towel. Do not use a normal terry towel as its texture can damage the hair and make it frizzy. Bend your head forward and squeeze out the water with the bamboo towel. Style the hair with leave-in products, keeping your head bent forward. If you wish, you can wrap the hair in the towel again and allow it to absorb the excess moisture for a while before letting the hair dry.