Vegan Collection

Give your hair extra volume, create a new look or vary your style with temporary hair extensions. Rapunzel of Sweden’s Vegan Collection comprises ready-to-wear extensions made from synthetic hair that look very natural and give your own hair a boost. The Vegan Collection includes Fibre Clip-in Ponytail, Fibre Clip-in Ponytail Beach Wave and Fibre Hair Scrunchie, all three of which give you a voluminous hairstyle with a natural look. 

Our Fibre Clip-in Ponytail comes in straight and wavy hair. Both create a timelessly beautiful ponytail with lots of volume. Fibre Hair Scrunchie is made of synthetic hair attached to an elastic band so you can easily create a messy bun or a sophisticated bun with lots of volume. In the Vegan Collection, you’ll find high-quality synthetic hair extensions in several colours and lengths. The synthetic hair is very similar to real hair and therefore blends in nicely with your own hair. The products in the Vegan Collection are all easy to use and will give you a new hairstyle in no time.


Why choose synthetic hair extensions?

Synthetic hair extensions are the ideal option if you want to try out extensions for the first time or if you want to give your hairstyle extra volume on occasion. The hair is of good value and easy to maintain. Wash with shampoo and conditioner if necessary and leave to dry on a hair hanger. Synthetic hair products can also be styled as desired as they can be treated with heat up to 150°C. But just like real hair, synthetic hair requires heat protection. The hair regains its quality after washing.

How do I use the Vegan Collection products?

The Vegan Collection products are versatile and can be used in several different ways. Here are some tips. However, do remember that only your imagination sets the limits!

Model with Fibre Clip-in Ponytail
Model with Fibre Hair Scrunchie

Fibre Clip-in Ponytail

  • Attach the ponytail to a high, tight ponytail for a classic look.
  • For an elegant look, attach the straight ponytail to a low ponytail.
  • For a casual look, attach Beach Wave to a low ponytail.
  • Braid the ponytail into a tight braid for a sophisticated look or a loose braid for a bohemian feel.
  • Create an eye-catching bun by wrapping the braided ponytail (tight or loose) around the attachment and securing it with hairpins.

Fibre Hair Scrunchie

  • Create one or more stylish, messy buns by attaching Fibre Hair Scrunchie around your own buns, and style as desired.
  • Mix scrunchies in different colours for lovely effects and maximum volume.
  • Use the scrunchie to add extra volume to a tight bun. Secure around your own bun, comb the synthetic hair into place and secure with hairpins or a band.