Tape Extensions

Rapunzel’s Tape-on Extensions give you a hair extension and/or extra volume in an easy and gentle way. The hair extension is attached with tape that’s specially developed for hair extensions. Tape-on Extensions can be attached to all types of hair, thin or thick, and do not damage the wearer’s own hair. The thin attachment is very discreet and blends in nicely with the wearer’s own hair for a natural-looking result. They are made of real human hair and come in two versions: Premium (remy hair) and Original (Basic).

Tape-on Extensions come in a wide range of dark, light, Balayage, ColorMelt and mixed/highlighted hair, and are available in several lengths. The hair can easily be cut and styled as desired. Extensions with tape can be reused, allowing you to change your look several times. Tape-on extensions are gently removed from the hair with Hair Extensions Remover, while Refill Tape (double-sided tape) makes it easy to reinsert them. Rapunzel of Sweden offers four different tape-on Extensions – Premium Tape Extensions Seamless 4, Premium Tape Extensions Classic 4, Premuim Tape Extensions Seamless & Classic 3 and Basic Tape Extensions Classic 4. All three can be used for a full hair extension, for extra volume or for colour effects.



What is the difference between Premium and Basic?

Rapunzel Tape-on Extensions are available in two versions of real human hair: Premium and Basic.

Premium is real remy hair with the cuticle left on. The hair extensions retain their natural shine and are soft and supple. The hair is easy to style with the wearer’s own hair. Premium is suitable for those who want long-lasting hair extensions or more volume, with a natural-looking result. With the right care, a premium tape-on extension lasts up to 6 months.

Basic (Original) is real human hair with the cuticle removed. The hair is therefore soft and supple, and doesn’t tangle. The hair retains its natural properties and can be styled together with the wearer’s own hair. Basic is suitable for those who want a hair extension or extra volume for a short period of time. With the right care, a basic tape-on extension will last up to 5 weeks.

Do not mix Premium and Basic hair as they have different durability and longevity.

Differens between Premium and Basic Tape Extensions


What is the difference between Seamless and Classic?

Seamless and Classic are the names of Rapunzel Tape-on Extension attachments.

Seamless offers hair-covered attachments that are almost invisible in your own hair. Seamless is perfect for insertion in places where the attachments can be exposed. The thin attachment is soft and supple for maximum comfort. 

Classic offers attachments made of transparent polyurethane (PU). Classic attachments are very discreet and match your own hair. They are ideal for insertion in places where they are less exposed. The thin attachment is soft and supple for maximum comfort.

Premium Tape Extensions Classic 4 can be mixed with Premium Tape Extensions Seamless 4 for a natural-looking result without visible attachments. Our hair extensions with the two different attachments are available in widths 3 and 4 cm.