With a Clip-in Ponytail, you can quickly and easily create a timeless, classic hairstyle! The ready-to-wear hair piece gives you a long and voluminous ponytail regardless of your current hairstyle. Rapunzel’s Clip-in Ponytail in real hair is available in two versions: the classic Clip-in Ponytail and the Sleek Clip-in Ponytail. Both variants are made of real hair and available in a wide range of colours and lengths. The ponytail range also includes Fibre Clip-in Ponytail and Fibre Clip-in Ponytail Beach Wave. Made of natural-looking synthetic hair, these ponytails come in straight and wavy styles.

Our Ponytails are easy to attach to your own hair with the concealed comb and practical Velcro strap for a natural look. Wear as is or style as desired.


What is the difference between Clip-in Ponytail and Sleek Clip-in Ponytail?

Rapunzel’s classic Clip-in Ponytail consists of 50–100 g of real hair attached to a weft. It features an integral comb with five teeth and a Velcro strap for a secure fit. Suitable for medium to thick hair.

Clip-in Ponytail attachment.png


Sleek Clip-in Ponytail consists of 45–50 g of real hair attached to a weft of transparent polyurethane (PU). It features an integral comb with three teeth and a narrow Velcro strap for a secure fit. Suitable for medium to fine hair.

Sleek Clip-in Ponytail attachment catagory

The Clip-in Ponytail you choose depends on the thickness of your own hair. Put your hair up in a ponytail and measure the circumference at the hairband.

  • If the circumference is more than 8 cm, you should choose our classic Clip-in Ponytail.
  • If the circumference is less than 8 cm, you should opt for Sleek Clip-in Ponytail.
Clip-in Ponytail Editorial

7 tips for hairstyles with Clip-in Ponytail

Our Clip-in Ponytails can be styled in endless ways. Below are 7 beautiful and simple hairstyles you can create with both Clip-in Ponytail and Sleek Clip-in Ponytail.

High ponytail

You can never go wrong with a classic high ponytail. Put your hair up as high as you want your ponytail to be and attach your Clip-in Ponytail.

Low ponytail

A low ponytail close to the neck gives a stylish, sophisticated look, and is just as easy to create as a high ponytail. Wear your Clip-in Ponytail with tight backcombed hair, or let a few wavy strands hang loose at the sides/fringe for a more casual look.

Curly ponytail

Add curls to your low or high ponytail. Curl your Clip-in Ponytail before attaching it to your hair.

Half-up ponytail

A half-updo is both stylish and practical. Put half of your hair up in a ponytail and attach your Clip-in Ponytail. The Sleek Clip-in Ponytail, with its small attachment, is best suited for this hairstyle.

A sophisticated or messy bun

A Clip-in Ponytail can be worn as a bun. Add sophistication by wrapping the ponytail around the attachment and securing it with hairpins, or make it messy by “messily” attaching the ponytail to your bun with a hairband or clip.

Ponytail braid

Add that extra touch to your updo by braiding your ponytail. Create a regular braid, a fishtail braid or twist your hair.

Bubble Braid Ponytail

Turn your ponytail into a festive bubble braid ponytail quickly and easily. Put in some small elastic bands to your Clip-in Ponytail at regular intervals. Gently pull the hair between each elastic band to create a bubble effect.