The ponytail is a beloved classic that can be infinitely varied. Rapunzel’s Clip-in Ponytail is made of real hair, and is quick and easy to attach using a practical Velcro strap and a small, concealed comb. All in a matter of minutes!


Our classic Clip-in Ponytail and our Sleek Clip-in Ponytail. If you want the ultimate wow effect with a long, voluminous ponytail, Clip-in Ponytail is ideal. Available in four lengths (30, 40, 50 and 60 cm), this ponytail has a thicker attachment point with 50–100 g of hair, making it particularly suitable for those with medium to thick hair. The amount of hair on Clip-in Ponytail can make it feel heavier for those with thinner, finer hair. 

Sleek Clip-in Ponytail is recommended for those who seek a stylish look with a longer and slightly thicker ponytail that weighs less. This ponytail is available in two lengths (40 and 50 cm), and has a thinner attachment point with 45–55 g of hair. As Sleek Clip-in Ponytail is more lightweight with a thinner attachment point, it is suitable for those with finer, thinner hair, common in Scandinavia.