Keratin Extensions / Nail Hair

Rapunzel Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair give you long-lasting hair extensions or volume, or both. The extensions are inserted by melting the attachment with a fusion connector and forming a section of your own hair around it until it becomes attached. The attachment is very discreet, which means that the hair looks just as good tied up as down. The extensions are made of the highest quality remy hair that can be cut and styled together with your own hair for a natural-looking result. Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair come in a wide range of dark, light, Balayage, ColorMelt and mixed/highlighted shades, and are available in several lengths and textures.
Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair are easily removed from the hair with Rapunzel Hair Extension Remover and tongs. Using the right tools, Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair will not damage your own hair. The hair extensions can be used for both long and short hairstyles, and you can easily create colour effects by mixing highlights and lowlights. Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair can be inserted for up to 3 months and the hair can be reused by creating new attachments from wax pellets.

Why should I choose Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair?

There are many advantages to choosing Keratin Extensions/Nail hair. The real human hair blends in nicely with your own hair, which makes the extension or extra volume created by Keratin hair extensions/Nail Hair look very natural. Each section has a discreet attachment which, when applied correctly, does not wear out your own hair. The attachment is barely visible in either loose or tied up hair, which means that the method is perfect if you often vary your hairstyle.

A hair extension with Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair lasts a long time, and you take care of and style the hair just like your own hair.

In addition to adding length and volume, Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair can be used as hair fillers in areas where the wearer’s hair is thinner.

Keratin Extensions can also be used to create colour effects. Add lighter sections to create highlights or darker sections to create lowlights, or frame your face with a few Keratin Extensions around your face.

Using Hair Extension Remover and tongs, you can easily remove Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair from the hair with minimal wear and tear. The Keratin Extensions can then be reused with new attachments.

Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair are suitable for most hair types and lengths. The hair is the same texture as your own hair and is therefore just as suitable for those with straight hair as for those with wavy or curly hair.

Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair B2.3/5.0 Hazelnut Caramel Balayage Results 01