Start up Kit

Microring Extensions


Article No.: 20081.100

Microring Extensions - Start up Kit

Set of accessories to attach your stick hair extensions with microrings. Suited for attaching a Hair Weft or Stick Hair extensions.

Your start up kit contains:

  • 1 Microring Stick Hair Extensions Hook/Needle.
  • 1 pc of pliers for attaching or removing Stick Hair extensions.
  • 100 microrings.

This is how easy it is:  

  1. Make a section in your hair where you wish your extensions to be located.
  2. Thread microrings onto the hook, open it. 
  3. Open the hook and catch a strand of your own hair and pull the hair through the microring, then squeeze the microring with the pliers so that the fastening tip of the stick hair extension and the strand of your own hair are attached together with each other.

Miscellaneous: May contain nickel.