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Synthetic Wig - Machine made H022
£99.99 GBP
Rapunzel® Synthetic

Synthetic Wig
Machine made

Article no.: H022
Synthetic Wig - Machine made
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Rapunzel Classic Wig - Synthetic fibres

Machine sewn wig made of natural-looking material. Extremely good value for money.

Rapunzel® Classic Wig made of synthetic fibres is excellent value for money with its light synthetic material giving a natural sheen. The Classic wig is sewn by machine in sections onto an elastic wig cap which forms around your head. You can also change the size with the elastic strap at the nape.

Choose yourself how you want to cut the fringe as well as the lengths in order to get the look you are after. The wig needs very little care which means that it suits first time users perfectly.




Medium (22-24 ") Adjustable


Rapunzel® Synthetic, made of synthetic material.

Rapunzel® Synthetic

is a synthetic fibre with a natural look and feeling. Although it is made from synthetic material, it looks both real and very natural. It works well with our wigs and hairpieces and is a good value-for-money solution.

  • Affordable, synthetic hair.
  • Rapunzel Synthetic has a beautiful natural gloss and shine.
  • It is perfect for those who want to try hair extensions for the first time. It can be used many times over and needs very little care.

The classic wig is made by a synthetic material, styled and ready to use. They are therefore easy to take care of. The classic wig should never be exposed to heat or styling, the care of the wig will primarily consist of brushing and untangling the hair, if needed.

  • A synthetic wig shouldn’t be washed. Instead air your wig or wipe off the wig cap. Use a light moisture cloth, turn the wig inside out and wipe off the wig cap. Use lukewarm, or cold, water and let the wig air dry on a Rapunzel Wig stand.
  • If you are in need of combing your wig you should use Rapunzel´s special designed brushes for hair extensions. It is extra gentle on wigs. We recommend you to first untangle the hair with your fingers. Sometimes that could be enough to achieve preferred result.
  • With a wig cap you will protect both your wig and your natural hair against wear and tear.
  • When not using your wig it is important to store it correctly. Use Rapunzel´s wig stand or twist the hairs of the wig and fold them into the wig cap. After that; put the wig back into its original package.
Rapunzel´s wig stand helps storage, drying and styling your wig.