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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Lace Front Wig - Long Bob #Light Blond 16" BOBLB40R
£57.99 GBP
Rapunzel® Synthetic

Lace Front Wig
Long Bob

#Light Blond 16" Article no.: BOBLB40R
Lace Front Wig - Long Bob #Light Blond 16
Lace Front Wig - Long Bob #Light Blond 16
Lace Front Wig - Long Bob #Light Blond 16
Light blond Lengths: 40 cm
In stock for immediate delivery.

Lace Front Wig - Long Bob Hairstyle With Volume

The long bob is an instant classic! Get the look in no time flat with our synthetic wig. The wig is pre-styled, perfect for first-time users or for switching it up for the day. The long bob haircut is about 40 cm at the face frame, and slightly shorter at the back.

This wig is made of a lightweight synthetic material with a natural gloss for authentic results. The front of the wig consists of flesh-toned mesh. Each strand is tied with love, creating a base similar to the natural scalp for a variety of styling options. You can adapt the mesh to your own hairline by cutting or sewing it in the desired shape to frame your face.

  • The crown, back and sides of the wig are sewn in sections. The back features elastic fasteners for adjustment. Built-in hair combs at the sides provide added hold.
  • The hair consists of synthetic fibers and the wig comes ready-styled. This translates to very easy care and prevents the wig from being able to withstand heat styling.
  • The Rapunzel Lace Front wig is perfect for first-time wig users, or those seeking variation in colors and models as needed.

Synthetic hair with built-in combs and adjustable elastic bands.



Not heat resistant.
Rapunzel® Synthetic

is a synthetic fibre with a natural look and feeling. Although it is made from synthetic material, it looks both real and very natural. It works well with our wigs and hairpieces and is a good value-for-money solution.

Affordable, synthetic hair.

  • Rapunzel Synthetic has a beautiful natural gloss and shine.
  • It is perfect for those who want to try hair extensions for the first time.
  • It can be used many times over and needs very little care.

Your new synthetic hair loves a little TLC. Follow these instructions to keep your wig looking good for as long as possible. Durability depends on how often you wear it and how often it is washed. The less you wash your extensions, the longer they will last.

Did you know? A wig cap protects both your hair and the wig from wear and tear.

The best way to freshen up your wig is to turn it inside out and air it out, or wipe the inside with a slightly damp cloth. If you still need to wash it, here's how:

  1. Use a metal brush. Brush the hair before washing. Start with the tips, and work upwards in sections, untangling as you go.
  2. Rinse the hair in cool to lukewarm water. Apply shampoo and then conditioner, being careful to avoid rubbing. Rinse carefully between applications and carefully comb the hair, letting the hair air-dry, preferably on a wig stand.

Your synthetic wig comes ready-styled, but it can also be cut to the length and look you want. To change the part, wet the hair on the upper part of the wig to make it easier. Then use a metal brush to create the part. Brush with a metal brush after use to avoid tangling. In order to ensure a long life for your wig, do not use heat styling tools like a curling or straightening iron, or styling products, when styling your synthetic hair. Excessive heat can cause the hair to melt. In order to help the hair keep its shape longer, store it in the enclosed pack or on a wig stand.

How to cut to the mesh:

The front of the wig consists of a flesh-toned mesh that can be cut to follow your hairline and fit your face shape.

Here's how:
  1. Put on the wig and mark your hairline on the mesh with sewing chalk or needle and thread. The mark should not go beyond the hairline of the wig.
  2. Cut or fold in the mesh to the marking. (If using scissors, remember to cut just a bit at a time so you don't cut too much off. If hemming, use a needle and thread.)
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