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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Lace Wig - Human hair Blond 12" LFHH24602761330
£499.99 GBP
Rapunzel® Original - Wig

Lace Wig
Human hair

Blond 12" Article no.: LFHH24602761330
Lace Wig - Human hair Blond 12
Lace Wig - Human hair Blond 12
In stock for immediate delivery.

Rapunzel® Lace Wig - Human hair

Hand-tied and specially designed wig made of Rapunzel® Original hair. Our most luxurious wig with a very natural look and feeling.

Rapunzel® Lace Wig has been specially developed to meet your requirements in the form of comfort, ease of use and a modern style. The base of the wig is made of very fine lace upon which each individual hair is hand-tied in order to give an appearance just like the crown of your own head without seeing obvious wig edges. The back section is reinforced with hair wefts that are sewn onto the lace. You can change the size of the wig at the nape of your neck with the help of elastic clips.

The Rapunzel® Lace wig is made of genuine Rapunzel® Original hair. Soft and supple yet durable, the wig can be worn just like ordinary hair, cut and styled to best frame your face.

Your Rapunzel® Lace wig is sent to you uncut and not yet styled.


Rapunzel® Original real hair


Medium (21.6-24”)

Rapunzel® Original – Real human hair extensions

Rapunzel´s wigs are made of real human hair and can therefore be styled just like your own hair. The real hair in combination with the natural looking scalp creates a nice and genuine feeling together with right styling.

Your genuine Rapunzel wig is sent to you in a non-styled condition. You can therefore cut it and style it to fit you and your face perfectly.

Follow these tips to maintain the quality and extend the life of your wig.
Care Instuctions:

Please store your wig on a wig stand or polyhead. Air as much as possible when not in use. If the wig comes into contact with moisture, let it dry on a wig stand. Never store a wet wig in plastic bag or tightly packed in any place.

Brush the wig using a wig brush and only when it is dry. Brush when you are wearing it or when stored on a wig stand. Start brushing the hair from the ends and work your way up, then brush vertically down - gently and carefully. Remember, never pick up the wig by its crown, doing this can cause unnecessary damage or hair loss.

When using hair bands we recommend the Rapunzel Super Elastic Hair band. Use hairbands carefully and sparingly. The lifetime of your Rapunzel wig depends on how often you use it, how it is cleaned, and above all how you take care of it.


Before washing the hair, carefully remove any knots with a wig brush to prevent wear and tear. Wash the wig while you're wearing it, or while placed on the base. Use lukewarm water. Gently apply a little moisturizing Rapunzel Hydrate & Care Shampoo. Let it work in for about one minute before rinsing with cold water. Remember not to grab any hairs on the scalp of the wig in order to prevent unnecessary wear and risk of hair loss. To maintain quality, finish with Rapunzel Hydrate & Care Conditioner, then rinse with cold water. Use a hair mask as needed, preferably Rapunzel Hydrate & Care Treatment. Rinse with cold water. Avoid using conditioner or a hair mask where the hairs are tied; i.e., at the scalp of the wig.

Upon application of products:

Do not rub or massage. Instead, gently apply from base to tip. This is to avoid unnecessary tangles which can damage the wig whilst brushing out. Remember to also wash out any hair care and styling products in the direction from root to tip.

When drying:

Gently pat with a towel to remove excess water. Do not wring or rub dry. Then place the wig on a wig stand and allow the wig to dry naturally. If necessary, you can also blow dry your hair - with the cold air. Blow dry the wig along the hairs length from the root to the tips to avoid knots. Remember that a moist wig is more susceptible to damage than a dry one. Also note that a wig does not need to be washed as often as natural hair. In this way, you also extend the life of your wig.


Rapunzel wigs of human hair are made of exactly that - real hair, and can therefore be styled just like normal hair. Real hair, the natural looking scalp together with the right styling gives you an attractive and genuine look and feel.

A Lace model wig enables you to vary the parting. For best results, you should first dampen the top part of the wig where you want the parting to be, then style the wig gently with a brush. If necessary, you can also blow dry your hair. However, this should be done with cold air. Blow dry the wig along the length of the hair to avoid tangles forming.

The wig can be curled and straightened by using a curling iron together with heat-protective agents. Note: never have heat settings higher than 180 degrees on your styling tools. Also note that heat sources coming into contact with the wigs lace and bottom can cause melting and thus ruin the quality of the wig. Regular styling will shorten the wigs lifespan. You can style the wig whilst wearing it or when it is placed on a wig head. Remember, do not grab the hair by the crown or you will cause unnecessary wear and tear as well as risk of hair loss. We encourage economical use of styling products, overuse will affect the wigs durability and is at your own risk. We do not recommend back-combing, but if you want to back-comb your wig then this is done at your own risk. Hair grips, tail combs and other sharp objects should not be used on your wig.

Put on the wig:
  1. Use a wig liner or wig cap if desired. Cut a small piece of tape; apply along your hairline or inside the rim of the wig. Repeat for desired number of pieces and surface area. Remove the white protective tape.
  2. Put on the wig by placing the front of the wig against the tape on your forehead, or the tape in the wig, and press it along your hairline (not against your natural hair). Feel whether the wig’s placement feels comfortable. Tighten the clasp at the neck to adjust the size. To attach the wig used Rapunzel lace front Silicone Tape. Before you apply the silicone tape to your head, you should first check that you are not allergic to latex or other substances that may contain tape by putting a small piece of tape in the crook of your arm. Leave for a while to see if any unnatural redness occurs.
  3. When taping your wig into place you should be careful that you do not put the tape on your own hair. This is because the tape is very strong and your own hair is at risk of being pulled out when you later remove the wig, this may also cause unnecessary damage to the wig.
Taking off the wig:
  1. To remove the tape, use cotton wool with mild oil and dab gently until the tape comes off. Do not force off the tape, this can damage the underlying skin and the wig. Be careful not to get any tape on the wigs hair.
  2. Loosen the band at the nape of the wig; gently pry loose the wig from any tape on the inside. Take hold of the wig beside your ears and lift gently. It is important not to grab hold of the crown of the wig in order to prevent unnecessary damage or hair loss. Store the wig on the wig stand or polyhead.

If you know that you are allergic or sensitive to synthetic materials or latex you should first check to see how you react before using the wig of synthetic material and silicone tape. Test by putting a small piece of tape in the crook of your arm; if unnatural redness occurs do not use the tape. A wig liner or wig cap can also protect against irritation.


Rapunzel wigs are meant to be an asset in your life but keep in mind that frequent use of your wig during exercise or sleep, as well as certain weather conditions and the use of headgear may cause some wear and tear on the wig and your own hair. Use hot styling tools at your own risk. The wig can also be damaged by the heat of a sauna, a hot oven, spa and other environments. Rapunzel takes no responsibility for any treatment which the customer applies to the wig after purchase. All treatment of the wig, outside Rapunzel salons, is at your own risk. All kinds of chemical treatments such as dyeing and bleaching are not recommended and is at your own risk. We offer no refund after you have cut your wig or wig cap.

Page updated: 2018-09-18
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