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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Clip-in Ponytail Synthetic Beach Wave #Coffee Brown 20" SPONYCB50BW
£29.99 GBP
Rapunzel® Synthetic

Clip-in Ponytail
Synthetic Beach Wave

#Coffee Brown 20" Article no.: SPONYCB50BW
Clip-in Ponytail Synthetic Beach Wave #Coffee Brown 20
Clip-in Ponytail Synthetic Beach Wave #Coffee Brown 20
Clip-in Ponytail Synthetic Beach Wave #Coffee Brown 20
In stock for immediate delivery.

Clip-in Ponytail Beach Wave – Synthetic hair extensions

Get the perfect ponytail with Rapunzel’s Clip-in Ponytail Beach Wave!

The perfect ponytail for everyday use, for the party and for the prom.

Rapunzel’s Clip-in Ponytail is delivered complete with the beach wavy curls. Thanks to the synthetic quality the curls will last longer and the ponytail can be used over and over again. The practical velcro attachment makes it very simple to attach your wavy ponytail even on short hair, without visible attachment.

  • Available in several colours.
  • Comes with readymade curls for everyday use and the party.
  • Made of a natural looking synthetic material.
  • Easy feeling and simple to attach.

With only a simple attachment you can get the ponytail you always have been dreaming about, attach it simply by placing the comb behind the rubber band which holds your ponytail in place. Attach the Velcro tape and thread the loose hair part around, then you secure by using a hairpin. Now you have the perfect tuft!

– Not heat resistant.

Rapunzel® Synthetic

is a synthetic fibre with a natural look and feeling. Although it is made from synthetic material, it looks both real and very natural. It works well with our wigs and hairpieces and is a good value-for-money solution.

Affordable, synthetic hair.

  • Rapunzel Synthetic has a beautiful natural gloss and shine.
  • It is perfect for those who want to try hair extensions for the first time.
  • It can be used many times over and needs very little care.

All your new synthetic extensions need is a little love and care. Follow these instructions to keep your Ponytail looking as good possible for as long as possible. Its lifetime will vary depending on how often you use your new hair and how often it is washed. The less often you wash your hair, the longer it will last.


Use a metal brush. Brush your hair piece before washing. Start at the ends and work upward in sections to work out any tangles. Rinse your hair in cool water, then apply shampoo and conditioner, avoiding rubbing. Rinse thoroughly between applications and gently compress each wave, then let the hair dry naturally.


Your synthetic hair piece comes styled and ready. You can also cut it to get the length and the look you want. Brush through it with a metal brush after use to keep it tangle-free. To give it the longest possible life, avoid using heat styling tools such as curling or straightening irons, or styling products, while styling your synthetic hair. Excessive heat can cause the hair to melt. In order to help the hair piece keep its shape, it should preferably be stored in the original package or in a container intended for extensions.