Sleek Tape Refill 3 cm

10 pack


Artikel: 20119

Sleek Tape Refill - Readymade tape pieces to your hair extensions

1 packet with 10 pieces doublesided adhesive tape. For attaching and re-using your Rapunzel Sleek Tape hair extensions. You need one package of refill tapes to re-use one package of Sleek Tape hair extensions.
Size: 3 cm width; 0,9 cm height
Amount: 1/p
This is how you attach the tape: 
  1. Remove the old tape from the fastening point. 
  2. Clean the fastening point and remove possible residue from the remover.  
  3. Remove the tape from the sheet and then attach the tape onto the clean fastening point without touching the sticky tape surface. 
  4. Press the tape firmly against the surface so that all air in between squeezes out. 
  5. When all pieces are ready, remove the protective tape while avoiding touching the sticky tape surface, and then attach your hair extensions.