Ta dina looks till nya höjder och upplev den perfekta hårdagen, varje dag! Premium Keratin Extensions är hållbara, smidiga och bekväma extensions, perfekta för din aktiva livsstil.


   Premium Keratin Extensions, Cool Platinum Blonde Balayage 

Resistant to sweat, water and heat, Premium Keratin Extensions
are the perfect choice for an active lifestyle!

Model with workout friendly Premium Keratin Extensions in a ponytail


Model with long-lasting Premium Keratin Extensions



   Premium Keratin Extensions, Chocolate Brown



"The best thing about our new 10-pack is the great possibilities to create your
perfect look. Work with strands in a lighter colour near the face to create a trendy face
framing, or use a darker colour in the underhair to create depth in your hairstyle."

Jonas Englundh – Lead hairstylist, Rapunzel of Sweden

Product image - New Premium Keratin Extensions 10 pieces