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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Hair Weft Soft Wave #1B Black Brown 16" SW401B
£57.99 GBP
Rapunzel® Original

Hair Weft
Soft Wave

#1B Black Brown 16" Article no.: SW401B
Hair Weft Soft Wave #1B Black Brown 16
Hair Weft Soft Wave #1B Black Brown 16
#1B Lengths: 40, 45 cm
In stock for immediate delivery.

Hair Weft Soft Wave – Curly

Get a natural, just-back-from-the-beach look with our Soft Wave hair extensions’ undone curls and relaxed waves.

  • Made using real, high quality hair, you can style and shape it just like your own.
  • Apply using a weaving method, glue or micro rings. The weft also allows you to create a clip-on set, which you can customise to suit your style.
  • After washing the weft following the guidelines, it regains its curly texture.

100g hair/per package. The weave is 200cm wide. Hair length is based on the length when straightened.

Curl size:

Approximately 2-4cm in diameter.

How much hair will I need?Weaving:

The recommended number of packages varies depending on the length of the hair extensions. We recommend:

10” 12” (25-30cm): 1-2 packages

14” 16” 18” (35-40cm): 2-3 packages

Micro rings, glue, Clip-on set:

1 package for a full hair extension, 2 packages if you have thick hair or desire extra volume.

Styling tips

Let hair dry naturally for more defined curls. For more volume, blow-dry using a hair diffuser.

Want to add more volume or extend your naturally curly hair? A weft with less defined, S-shaped curls and hair that is straighter towards the root is the perfect match.

Rapunzel OriginalOur affordable best-seller.

It is not surprising that Rapunzel Original is our best-seller among extensions. Apart from the fact that the thicker hair strands give extra support to the rest of your hair you also benefit from the fact that you can style your hair just as you want and be sure that it stays in place.

The hair is normally dark and comes mostly from China or nearby countries in Asia – for example Vietnam. It can easily be straightened, curled or styled as you wish after washing and the lifetime of the hair is between four to six months, depending on how often the hair is used.

The extension bonds last up to 3 months.
Caring for your Rapunzel® hair extensions

To keep your hair looking its most beautiful, just follow these simple steps.

  • Style it your way. You can straighten, curl and style our human hair extensions just like your own hair.
  • Braid hair before sleeping, exercising and playing sport.
  • Comb hair regularly; at least once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Always use the recommended Rapunzel® wide-toothed comb for curly and afro-textured hair.
  • Use the Rapunzel® range of recommended haircare and styling products for curly hair.
  • Check any tape, rings and lengths to avoid tangles.
  • Always comb your hair before showering and never brush when wet.
  • Let your hair dry naturally or use a hair diffuser if blow-drying. And never go to sleep with wet hair.
  • Sun, wind and water will damage your hair. Avoid bathing and swimming in sea water or chlorinated water, and braid your hair in humid weather conditions.
  • To keep your hair extensions in great condition, we don’t recommend colouring or bleaching.
  • Please keep in mind that hair extensions are not recommended for use by those taking certain medications and/or with certain illnesses.
  • When removing your hair extensions, follow our instructions carefully and always use the recommended products to avoid damaging your own hair.
  • Remember, all heat styling can cause hair damage and affects its overall condition.
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