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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Top Piece Original Straight #1B Black Brown 12" TP1B30R
£249.99 GBP
Rapunzel® Original

Top Piece
Original Straight

#1B Black Brown 12" Article no.: TP1B30R
Top Piece Original Straight #1B Black Brown 12
Top Piece Original Straight #1B Black Brown 12
Top Piece Original Straight #1B Black Brown 12
Top Piece Original Straight #1B Black Brown 12
Top Piece Original Straight #1B Black Brown 12
#1B Lengths: 30 cm
In stock for immediate delivery.

Top Piece - Hair Piece made of real hair

Tired of teasting? We've got your solution!

Rapunzel's Top Piece made of real hair gives you maximum volume in seconds. With natural looking-roots, you can create the part you want and the look you love!

The thin and flexible format of this hair piece gives you a natural result that can be cut, styled and shaped to your desired hairstyle.

The hair piece clicks in and out easily in seconds, and also offers as a perfect solution for covering bare spots or thin areas.

  • Natural-looking roots so you can pick your ideal part!
  • Thin and flexible for natural-looking results!
  • Maximum volume in no time!
  • Easily covers bald spots and thinner sections.
  • Genuine hair pieces that can be shaped to work with your hair style.
  • A perfect way to top off your look with existing extensions!

13.5 x 8 cm

What's included:

Hair piece with four sew-in clips made of nickel-free metal.


50 grams of hair (total weight: 53 grams)

  1. Open all the clips.
  2. Attach the front of the hair piece behind the front hairline.
  3. Adjust the bottom so fits tight against the head and then attach the side clips.
  4. Style to achieve your desired look.

Tease (backcomb) the area where the clips will be inserted for extra hold.

Spray clips with hairspray before securing them for extra hold.

Rapunzel OriginalOur affordable best-seller.

It is not surprising that Rapunzel Original is our best-seller among extensions. Apart from the fact that the thicker hair strands give extra support to the rest of your hair you also benefit from the fact that you can style your hair just as you want and be sure that it stays in place.

The hair is normally dark and comes mostly from China or nearby countries in Asia – for example Vietnam. It can easily be straightened, curled or styled as you wish after washing and the lifetime of the hair is between four to six months, depending on how often the hair is used.


A genuine hair piece is a work of handicraft with unique traits. These characteristics make it look and feel just like your natural hair -- and just like all of us, it can use some love and care. Here are some tips on how you can easily take care of your hair and keep it looking nicer longer. The less you wash and style your hair piece, the longer it will last.

Heat styling protection

Hair extensions are fun and give you lots of options to get the length, color effects and volume you want. They can also be cut and styled to suit your look. If you will be heat styling, it is best to use heat protection products beforehand. Also remember not to use heat near the roots of the hair piece, as this may melt the mesh. We do not recommend teasing (backcombing).


Pin the hair piece on a mannequin head using ordinary pins. (If you don’t have access to a wig stand then you can even place the wig on the upper side of your hand.) Gently brush the hair piece before washing to work out any tangles. Using a soft hair brush, start at the ends and work your way up in sections. It’s a good idea to let the hair piece remain on the mannequin head.

Rinse the hair piece in lukewarm water, then apply shampoo and conditioner, avoiding rubbing. Rinse thoroughly between applications. Avoid applying conditioner and hair mask where the knots are, i.e., at the roots of the hair piece. Gently press with a towel to remove excess water. The hair piece should be left to dry on the mannequin head.

If you blow-dry your hair, be sure to blow dry from roots to ends and avoid using excessive heat near the roots, as this may case the mesh to melt.

Clip out for bed, gym and shower

Your Top Piece is ideal for all occasions. When you sleep, work out, or shower, just bend the clips to click it out.

Style your part

Start by gently wetting the area where you wish the part to sit. Then brush the part gently with a soft brush. If necessary, use a hairdryer to shape the part, blow-drying roots to tips and avoiding getting heat too close to the mesh.

Nourishing color mask

If you will be coloring your hair piece, we recommend our nourishing color mask. If you use other color treatments or bleach with products that we have not personally tested, you do so at your own risk and we cannot take responsibility.