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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Length Alternatives available
  • 25 cm
  • 30 cm
  • 35 cm
  • 40 cm
  • 45 cm
  • 50 cm
  • 60 cm
  • 70 cm
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Colour Alternatives available
  • Blond
  • Dark Blond
  • Brown
  • Dark
  • Highlights
  • Ombre
  • Root
  • Copper
  • Mahogany
  • Intense Colours
  • #6001 Lightest Blond
  • #60 Light Blond
  • #613 Light Golden Blond
  • #22 Honey Blond
  • #24 Strawberry Blond
  • #Light Grey
  • #Grey
  • #18K Ash Rose Blond
  • #18 Dark Blond
  • #27 Medium Golden Blond
  • #14 Cendre Ash
  • #20 Natural Ash
  • #12 Golden brown
  • #10 Medium Ash Brown
  • #30 Dark Copper Brown
  • #8 Copper Brown
  • #6 Brown
  • #33 Mahogany Brown
  • #Chad Wood Natural Brown
  • #19 Dark Ash Brown
  • #4 Dark Brown
  • #3 Coffee Brown
  • #2 Chocolate Brown
  • #1B Black Brown
  • #1 Black
  • #P24/60 Light Golden Mix
  • #P18/60 Scandinavian Blond
  • #P27/613 Summer Blond
  • #Chad Wood Blond Mix
  • #P14/60 Cendre Ash Blond Mix
  • #P20/60 Natural Ash Blond Mix
  • #6/60 Cacao Mix
  • #P8/24 Strawberry Brown Mix
  • #P6/27 Golden Brown Mix
  • #Chad Wood Brown Mix
  • #P2/6 Chocolate Mix
  • #T18/22 Golden Blond Ombre
  • #T14/60 Cendre Ash Blond Ombre
  • #T10/60 Medium Ash Blond Ombre
  • #T19/613 Dark Ash Blond Ombre
  • #T4/18 Medium Brown Ombre
  • #T1B/18 Black Blond Ombre
  • #T3/14 Brown Ash Ombre
  • #T2/6 Chocolate Brown Ombre
  • #T1B/4 Black Brown Ombre
  • Tangerine Glow
  • #R14/60 Cendre Ash Blond Root
  • #R14/613 Cendre Golden Blond Root
  • #R10/60 Medium Ash Blond Root
  • #R19/613 Dark Ash Blond Root
  • #R6/22 Brown Honey Blond Root
  • #R10/22 Ash Brown Honey Blond
  • #R3/14 Brown Ash Root
  • #R2/6 Chocolate Brown Root
  • #15 Light Copper Blond
  • #130 Deep Copper Blond
  • #26 Intense Copper
  • #99J Dark Mahogany Brown
  • #350 Light Mahogany
  • #530 Raspberry Mahogany
  • #Rubin Red
  • #Pastel Green
  • #Pastel Peach
  • #Pastel Purple
  • #T1B/Grey
  • #T60/LightPurple
  • #Purple
  • #Pink Candy
  • #Red Fire
  • #25 Golden Copper
Hair type Alternatives available
  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
Quality Alternatives available
  • Original
  • Premium
  • Luxury
Sale Alternatives available
  • Sale

Human Hair Extensions

With hair extensions, you can easily change your hairstyle or create a new look. Choose from long and thick, curly or straight and either a more permanent attachment or something that you can remove at the end of the day. In order to meet your needs Rapunzel® has therefore developed a variety of different methods of hair extensions that you can easily attach yourself at home.

If you are trying hair extensions for the first time or just want to have long hair just for the evening then a Clip-on set is the right option for you. The set consists of seven pieces of hair which you simply clip in or out in minutes. Similarly, the Hollywood Volume is applied in the same way. It consists of a single section of hair that you simply attach using the clips.
For those of you looking for more permanent extensions then there are four other methods to choose from: Nail Hair, which you attach with heated wax. Micro Ring extensions, strands of hair attached to micro rings which are applied using special pliers, or Tape method, hair which is attached using tape. These extension methods are all suitable for longer term application and are no problem when doing sports or taking showers. The fourth method, hair wefts, can be inserted in a choice of ways: Either sewn onto a French plait known as a weave, glued, secured with micro rings or even sewn onto a Clip-on set.

All Rapunzel® of Sweden hair extension methods come in huge variety of colours, lengths and qualities and all real hair extensions can be cut, washed and styled into the hairstyle of your choice.

Below you can click on each different hair extension application available and read more about how to go about inserting the hair yourself.
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#15 Light Copper Blond