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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Color Guide


Playing with hair colours, effects and shades of extensions is fun but also a great way to accentuate the natural shades in your skin and eyes.  We asked a professional hairdresser the best way to find the perfect shade for your look and how to know when just that colour is the one true match.

1. Things to consider when choosing hair colour:

  • You need to feel comfortable with your hair colour.  All the ground rules and trends are irrelevant if you don’t feel great with the colour. That is the first thing to consider, and have fun!
  • If you have fairly light coloured eyes e.g. light blue, then you can accentuate them by choosing quite a dark hair colour and vice versa.  If you have green eyes they can be accentuated with red/copper tones. 
  • If your skin has a pink shade then red hair tones should be avoided.  If your skin is more yellow, then avoid yellow hair tones.  If you have beige skin tones, then most colours will suit you. 
  • Think about how much time and money you have to spend on your hair after treatment.  Choosing red colours will mean that you may have to touch it up at home, if you want to avoid any maintenance then it’s best to choose a base colour that is as close to your own as possible. That way you also avoid regrowth.  
  • If you feel hindered by your hair’s colour and quality now then my best advice is to consult your hairdresser for tips and advice regarding what is possible. 
Warm or cool colors

2. How do I know if I am warm or cool coloured?

  • Look through your jewellery box, if you have mostly gold then you are most likely a ”warm” toned person.  If you have mostly silver then you are more likely ”cool”.
  • If you have a scarf or some material at home in warm/cool tones then you can hold it up against your face and see which colour suits you most. 
  • Check through your make-up, do you have warm or cool eye shadows?  They can give a good indication. 
  • If you have lots of freckles or get freckles when in the sun then you most likely have ”warm” skin tones. 
  • If you have a warm skin tone then you will look best in warm colours, like golden blond and warm beige colours.  Those of you with cool skin tones look best in cooler hair colours such as ash blond, black or a cool brown shade. 

Colour Guide

When you have decided which skin tone you have (warm or cool) and which type of colour suits your style best then there are masses of shades of extensions to choose from. To be precise, more than 50 colours. Therefore, in order to make it a little easier for you we have listed the most common matches to different types of warmer or cooler skin tones and darker and lighter hair colours.  

If you have pale skin:

Cool skin tones mean that you best suit tones such as platinum blond, champagne and flaxen – extension colours #60, #24/60, #14/60, #20/60

Warm skin tones are best suited together with blond tones that shift in colour with gold, copper and honey – extension colours #613, #22, #24, #24/60, #18/60, #27/613

If you have medium pale skin tone:

Cooler tones are best suited with ashy tones, sand-coloured, walnut brown – extension colours #14/60, #20/60, #14, #20, #10, #18.
Warmer skin tones match well with gold, copper and toffee colours – extension colours #27, #12, #8, #8/24, #P6/27, #30, #33.

If you have dark skin:

Cool skin tones are best with black and espresso coloured hair – extension colours #1b, #1, #2
Warm skin tones match mahogany and toffee brown – extension colours #99j, #2, #3.

If you have olive skin:

Cool skin tones are best suited to chestnut and cinnamon brown – extension colours #10, #6, #6/60, #2/6
Warm skin tones suit mocha, dark brown with a touch of mahogany – extension colours #4, #3, #33, #2/6


By mixing colours and shades of extensions you can easily create effective shades in your hair and achieve a more natural result. 

Highlights are created by combining your hair colour with a slightly lighter shade of hair.  Match the colour to the tips of your hair, or choose a shade that is one step lighter than your hair colour if you want a lighter look.  
Lowlights are created by attaching slightly darker shades of extensions than your hair colour.  Place the sections at the back of your head or blend them in where you think they are best suited. 
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Need help?

Email a hair selfie to our experts who will match your natural hair with the right shade. 

To find your color please check our color chart, borrow our color ring or contact our customer service for help.