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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Rapunzel® 5-7 Weeks Control

Rapunzel recommends that you carry out thorough maintenance of your hairpiece five to seven weeks after attachment. We recommend Rapunzel's 5-7-week Maintenance to help you keep your hair extensions in great shape for as long as possible and to give you the chance to make sure that your own hair is not being damaged unnecessarily.

No hair extension should be attached to the same point for longer than two months without undergoing 5-7-week maintenance. A 5-7-week Maintenance routine varies depending on your needs at the time and on what condition the attachments and the hairpieces themselves are in. The following is Rapunzel's advice on how to perform this maintenance:

  • Go through and check all sections of your hair. Check the attachments to make sure that no knots have formed along your scalp. De-tangle your hair.
  • Remove attachments that have loosened and slid down, grown out or that feel like they are no longer usable. Always use the recommended remover and accessories during removal, otherwise you risk severely damaging your own hair.
  • Re-attach old sections that can be re-used and replace others with/add more fresh new sections where desired. You can do this maintenance routine yourself, with the help of a friend or hairdresser, or at a Rapunzel salon. Your own hair will stay much healthier if you follow these instructions and you will have long, thick hair for a much longer time!
If you perform Rapunzel's 5-7-week Maintenance routine regularly, you will be able to keep your extensions longer.


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