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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Hair extensions facts

Hair extensions: Long hair is a dream for many people. Some save for years to get it, for some it never happens. But for you, that dream can now come true. With hair extensions we will give you the opportunity to get long hair in a very short time, hair just like your own, hair which you can both cut and style, a new part of you. Rapunzel of Sweden was founded to give more people the opportunity to get long and thick hair. To be able to achieve this we needed more variation and a larger supply, both when it came to price and quality but also methods. We are there today. At Rapunzel you get access to a dedicated team of hair extensions specialists. Some of us are hairdressers, and some extensions specialists who have worked all over the world with famous people and their hair.
Facts about hair extensions
Hair extensions - What is required of me

What is required of me/you? It’s neither harmful nor dangerous to get hair extensions. It is however very important that you attach your hair and remove it correctly. Hair extensions also need a little more taking care of than your natural hair. The daily care is also depending on how long your natural hair is when you attach your hair extensions. Longer natural hair requires in general less styling. This due to the fact that you don´t have to style your hair as much to get a good transition from the extensions to your natural hair. Normally you need at least 10 centimetres of natural hair to get a nice looking hair extension. The hair extensions won’t get the necessary nutrition from your scalp, so you will also need special products made for hair extensions which will give your extensions just that. Rapunzel has worked on a series of products made especially for hair extensions for several years, which we recommend and which give your hair more nutrition and moisture.


Here you can read more about how to take best care of your hair extensions >> 

The hair in the extension

The hair in the extension: The hair we use in the extensions comes from people all over the world. Depending on where in the world the hair comes from it will get ranked according to quality. This has to do with the chemical processing the hair will have to go through to get the quality you want. A hair which is natural black needs to go through more chemical processes to get brown, red or blonde nuances than a hair that already is brown or blonde. We at Rapunzel of Sweden have chosen to split up the hair according to quality depending on where the hair originates from. We call them Rapunzel® Original, Rapunzel® Premium and Rapunzel® Luxury. Their origin ranges from Asia, and Europe and have different texture, sustainability, and price.


Here you can read more about our qualities of hair and the differences between them >>

Different methods for hair extensions

Different methods: At Rapunzel we’ve tried to produce hair extensions products which suit everyone. They are also made for the everyday use. For a person who desires to have long hair at only special occasions, or wants to be able to change extensions, or for a person who is looking for a permanent hair extension. The method is all about the way how you choose to attach the hair extension in your hair. Our methods are adapted and varied to fit the level of skill which you can manage. Our most popular extension methods are Rapunzel® Clip on set and Rapunzel® Nail Hair. A Clip on set is easy to attach with clips and Nail Hair is a method by which you use heat to attach by using wax for a more long lasting result.


 Here you can read more about our different methods >>

Find your hair color

Find your color: The color of your hair can also match the color of the extension. The crew at Rapunzel has worked on getting as many shades of color as possible to be able to match just your hair. Visit our website and have a look at our color chart, borrow- or buy our color ring or contact our customer service to get advice, tips, help and the inspiration to get the hair that you wish for. With different lengths, color, straightness, methods and quality it is very easy to get the hair extensions which works for you.


Here you can read more about how to choose color >>

Dreams that come true: You are now ready for your transformation and a new thick, long and flowing hair. If you order your hair extensions today we promise you a fast delivery. Also remember that if you someday need help on your road to your new look, Rapunzel is always at your service. All you have to do is contact our customer services and we will help you. Team Rapunzel hopes that we can get you the transformation that you have been longing for and that your hair will be a wonderful part of you just as it is for us.


// Rapunzel of Sweden