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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Seven myths about hair extensions

Seven myths about hair extensions

Maybe you’re one of the many people that has heard horror stories about hair extensions? Hair that has been collected from the floors of hair salons and re-used, hair that has completely fallen out or hair that has just stopped growing altogether. Nightmares. Rapunzel has collected together some of these myths, and sorted out the truths to give you a good night’s sleep. 

1. If I get hair extensions my hair will stop growing! 
Keep calm. This is a myth. Your hair will grow as usual, hair extensions do not affect your hair’s growth. This also means that according to the speed your hair grows that you may need to re-attach your fastening points to keep a natural look and provide less wear and tear on your hair. Some people’s hair grows faster and others slower, this has nothing to do with hair extensions.

2. Hair extensions will damage my natural hair! 
This is a common myth which can be true if you don’t do things right!  Hair extensions shouldn’t damage your hair, but it is important to attach and remove them in the correct way, to take care of your hair and to use tools designed for the purpose. Most important in this procedure is to attach your hair correctly. The hairs that you use at your fastening points should come from the same area of your head and be attached on all the hairs in the strand instead of just a few, otherwise they risk breaking. 

Seven myths about hair extensions
Seven myths about hair extensions
3. Hair extensions demands regular care at a hair salon. 
A commonly held belief about hair extensions is that they demand professional care at a salon on a regular basis. To take care of your hair and to get professional help with it is good, but not a must. You can do a lot of this at home on your own. At Rapunzel we have tried to give our clients greater opportunities to be able to take care of their hair in a professional way themselves. By offering you the tools and the knowledge needed, we give you the chance to have long, flowing hair for a longer period of time.  
Of course, seeking professional help for attachment, removal or care of your hair extensions is also an option. Talk to your hairdresser for advice or visit one of our salons.

4. It’s expensive to do hair extensions! 
You no longer have to pay a fortune for good quality long hair. 
At Rapunzel we offer you a wide range of hair extensions in different price ranges and several top qualities, it is all about choice. Depending on which quality you choose the price differs.  

Seven myths about hair extensions
5. The hair used in a hair extension comes from the salon floor or dead people. 
The hair used in a hair extension from Rapunzel is genuine, but comes neither from dead people nor the salon floor. The hair in our hair extensions comes from people just like you and me; living people all around the world that have chosen to sell or donate their hair. Believe it or not, we get people coming in to our salons all the time asking to sell us their hair!   

Seven myths about hair extensions

6. People will see that I wear extensions!

Yes, of course they will show! Going into a salon with short/thin hair and coming out with long, thick locks will certainly get noticed!!  You will have traffic-stopping hair!  But people will not discover any visible edges. Hair extensions attached using today’s techniques mean that it is almost invisible to the human eye. You can also affect how visible your hair extension will be; where and how you attach your strand is important in this process, but also how you take care of it; e.g. tangled fastening points don’t blend in as well as untangled.

Seven myths about hair extensions
7. I do a lot of sport and therefore can’t use hair extensions!
Sports shouldn’t be an obstacle to fulfilling the dream of having long flowing hair. We at Rapunzel have developed several simple methods that enable you to choose the perfect type of hair and method that suits you. If you want a fast and easy result use one of our best sellers the Clip on set which takes you only need five minutes to get the hair of your dreams. If you want a more permanent result you could use Nail Hair and your hair will stay attached even while practicing sports.  If you don´t find them suitable we also have a number of other methods to choose from, all this so that you will be able to experience the feeling and fulfil the dream of long hair no matter where, when or how your situation in life looks like.