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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Remy vs. Rapunzel´s hair

Here we´ll explain the concept, define the differences and answer the question: Why isn´t Rapunzel´s hair called Remy? 

The meaning of the word remy- or remi varies all over the industry. To create and provide clarity to our customers, we have chosen to develop our own quality labels on our hair.
In general the term remy refers to a hair with intact cuticles and upright hairs. Every hair contains thousands individual hairs and each hair contains ten thousands cuticles. We at Rapunzel can’t therefore promise that each of those hundreds of thousands of cuticles and hairs are remy, namely hairs with all intact cuticles and upright.
Rapunzel’s hair extensions are of high quality and made of real human hair therefore we have chosen to develop our own quality labels, Rapunzel® Original-, European and Luxury.