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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Practicing sports with hair extensions

Practicing sports with hair extensions

A lot of people believe that a hair with hair extensions attached equals to an everyday life with a limited   and complicated relationship to sports.  But that is not the case. Rapunzel´s hairdresser, Isabelle Sundberg, here shares her best advice for sporty extension users. 

- You can practice sports with hair extensions attached. But depending on what type of method you´ve chosen and what type of sports you practice, there are different ways of getting rid of the hair in front of your eyes and to avoid wear and tear on your fastening points, says the hairdresser Isabelle Sundberg. 
Isabelle usually recommends people wearing the more permanent methods such as Nail Hair and Stick Hair, which are attached with heat and wax and micro rings and pliers, to braid their hair before sporting. If it´s a really heavy physical activity which is practiced, it could be a good idea to put up your hair in a ponytail, braid the ponytail and then make the braid to a knot on the top of the head with the help of bobby pins. 
- Then you don’t have to get annoyed having your hair hanging before your eyes while for e.g. running. It doesn’t wear and tear as much on the fastening points either. It's simply not as convenient to wear your hair loose when running or sweating a lot, but then it is just to put it up.
Swimming is however a sport which demands a little bit more from a person with a permanent hair extension attached.

Practicing sports with hair extensions
- If you swim a lot you should try to think about protecting your hair; braid it and roll it up to a knot on the top of your head and make sure that your hair doesn’t float out in the water. Using a bath cap is to recommend and if you know that you are a person who practices sports a lot, like on an elite level, you can think about your choice of attaching method, Nail Hair, Loop Hair and Stick Hair has smaller attachment surfaces which simplifies your up dos.
But as a sporty person and interested in hair extensions you don’t have to feel despair if you find these three methods not appealing. If you feel that your hair is too heavy to bear during a game of soccer or if you work out on regular basis a Clip-on set is a good “non-permanent” alternative. 
- But you could also choose methods with slightly larger attachment surfaces, such as tape, and choose to center your attachment further back of the head. Then it’s simpler to do your up do and to work out hard. 

Practicing sports with hair extensions
Isabelle´s tips to sporty persons: 
  • Avoid washing your hair with shampoo too often. Instead brush your dry hair, rinse with water and apply conditioner at the lengths and rinse again. Your hair will get a fresh look and doesn’t get worn as if you use shampoo all the time. 
  • If you have a hair the tends to get greasy easily, use some kind of dry shampoo now and then instead of normal shampoo, then your hair doesn’t get worn as much either. 
  • If you feel that you want to look awesome at the gym but you don’t want to attach permanent extensions you could use a Clip-in Ponytail, looks perfect!  
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