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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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10 common questions about hair extensions

10 common questions about hair extensions

We often get questions about hair extensions, hair in general, hair care and a lot more. We have therefore tried to collect and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.
If you don´t find the answer to your question here you´re more than welcome to contact our hair extensions specialists at our customer service. 
They answer your questions every weekday between 9 AM – 3 PM.

1. Could using hair extensions be harmful?   
It is not harmful either for you, or your hair, to use hair extensions. However, hair extensions require more care than usual. We recommend a daily care, once a month care and a 5-7 week control. This is to enable you to enjoy your long hair as long as possible but also for you to avoid tangled hair and unnecessary wear on both your extensions and your natural hair. We recommend that you use Rapunzel’s hair care products, specially developed for hair extensions. These products are developed during a long process and they are not only gentle on your hair extensions but also on your natural hair. 
The products contain large amounts of moisture and nutrients, two key ingredients that hair extensions needs, especially if you live in a dry climate such as Scandinavia.  
It is also important that you attach and remove your hair extension correctly, by following our instructions. Using recommended products you minimize the risk of unnecessary wear on your hair. 
Read more about our attachment methods >> 
Read more about removal >>
Read a more detailed description of the recommended care of your hair >>
2. Which products should I use to take care of my hair in the best way? 
To be able to keep the qualities of your hair and hair extensions it is important to supply it with moisture and nutrients. Since your hair extensions do not utilize the nutrition that comes naturally from your scalp you also need products that fit that purpose. A dry climate, such as in Scandinavia and some parts of northern hemisphere, also causes dry hair. In the same way as your hair extensions cannot utilize nutrition they cannot utilize moisture. 
In short terms; moisture and nutrition, the two main ingredients to give your hair the best condition to stay beautiful and vivid. 
The two most important products to give your hair all this is shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo brings your hair moisture and nutrition while the conditioner keeps it so that it remains in the hair. 

The Rapunzel feeling
Sometimes it could be good and it would feel great to give your hair a real boost. Use an hour or two to give yourself a treat and your hair the feeling of new life. The Rapunzel feeling. 
While giving your hair this extra love we recommend you to do a hair mask and give your hair a deep cleansing, it is extra good if you could do them in combination with each other. 
Start with using Rapunzel Deep Cleansing Shampoo. With a deep cleansing shampoo you’ll remove a large part of all the pollution that your hair is exposed to every day. Rinse. Then apply the hair mask Rapunzel Reconstruction Treatment and let it work for 15-20 minutes, preferably under heat. 
A hair mask is recommended once a week, it rebuilds your hair and gives it moisture and nutrition, Rapunzel Reconstruction Treatment also contains an UV-protection to protect your hair against the sun’s harmful radiation. Rinse and dry your hair, finish by using a straightening iron thoroughly, section for section.  
After treatment, apply Rapunzel Shine Drops at the ends of the hair. This product gives your hair a silky feeling and in the same time shine, moisture and nutrients. Shine Drops also protect your hair against UV-radiation and loss of color. 

Why should I use Rapunzel’s styling products? 
We only recommend Rapunzel’s styling products since they are products that we know for sure does work. They are gentle in your hair extensions and your natural hair, developed during a long period of time and specially adapted for hair extensions. Other hair dresser products could suit as well but we can only leave a warranty for the products that we produce. 
10 common questions about hair extensions
3. Which color should I choose? 
Choosing color on your hair extensions may be experienced as a jungle and can be a dilemma for many people. Maybe you’re uncertain on what color your natural hair really is, or maybe you want to figure out what color suits you the best? At Rapunzel we have tried to make this choice easy for you. By giving you a wide range of colors, lengths and qualities to choose from, you now have the opportunity to find your hair. Search thru the color chart at our website, if you don’t find your color there or if you’re unsure, buy- or borrow our color ring. On this one, all colors are marked and easy to detach to compare with your hair color. Depending on the nuance on your hair you sometimes might need different colors and nuances to get a natural result. This is also a perfect alternative to achieve color effects. 

Why shouldn’t I color my hair extensions?
Almost all human hair extensions are possible to dye but we (Rapunzel) cannot take any responsibility for a dyed hair, therefore it is made at your own risk. 
If you’re still unsure about which color you should choose you could also take a picture of your hair and email it to our specialists at our customer service. They will help you and give you advices so that you will find the hair colour which is best for you. 
4. Which method should I choose? 
To choose the right hair extensions method could sometimes be perceived as difficult. It doesn’t have to be that though. Before attaching your hair extensions it could be a good idea to think about your everyday life and try to figure out what purpose you have with your hair extension. At Rapunzel we have tried to develop several methods so that you will have the opportunity to choose the one that fits your everyday life the best. 
Are you going to use your hair extension for the evening, for a shorter period of time or maybe more permanently? If you want to avoid glue or tape, maybe you prefer wax attachments instead of microrings? Do you do sports a lot, maybe you use headgear? Depending on the shape of your natural hair we also recommend different methods and hair qualities. Do you have thin hair or thicker hairs?
This list goes on. But remember that the most important thing isn’t to answer all the questions; most important is that you feel comfortable with your hair extensions. By thinking about the choice of method and hair quality you will find the best solution for you. 

Rapunzel® Nail Hair: A more permanent method by which the extensions are attached with wax and heat. Your extensions will last even if you do sports or take a swim. By this method it is easy to remove with remover and pliers. 
Available in the qualities Rapunzel® Original, Rapunzel® European and Rapunzel® Luxury. Body wave and straight. 
Rapunzel® Clip-on: A method by which the extensions are easy to attach in just five minutes. Clip-on works excellently for you who want to do a nice hairdo or want long hair just for the evening.   The hair comes in seven different parts with pre-attached clips that is easy to attach and remove. 
Available in the qualities Rapunzel® Original, Rapunzel® European and Dip Dye (Limited Edition). Body wave and straight.
Rapunzel® Stick Hair: An easy method for you who want to try Hair Extensions for the first time. Stick Hair is attached by micro rings, needle and pliers. It is easy to attach and re do. You remove Stick Hair with the same pliers as you used when attaching. 
Available in the quality Rapunzel® Original. 
Rapunzel® Loop Hair: Attaching method: with microrings. The smart loop makes Loop Hair easy to attach with only one tool; Rapunzel pliers. They are therefore easy to re-do and remove. 
Available in the quality Rapunzel® European. 
Rapunzel® Hair weft: With a hair weft you’ll get a lot of opportunities.  Cut it and use glue to attach it, sew it onto a braid or attach it with microrings/clips. Many opportunities.
Available in the qualities Rapunzel® Original and Rapunzel® European. Body wave and straight. 
Rapunzel® Skin weft: The Skin weft method is attached with tape onto your natural hair. The method suits everyone but above all it suits you with slightly thinner hair. The surface on the Skin weft is similar to your scalp which makes it blend in better with your natural hair. You cut the hair pieces yourself so that they suit you, your head shape and your hairstyle. Skin weft is easy to re-use. 
Available in the quality Rapunzel® Original. Body wave and straight. 
Rapunzel® Quick & Easy: A Quick & Easy hair is just as fast and simple as it sounds. It is both easy and quick to attach and remove. The package contains totally 20 grams of hair divided into 8 strands which are furnished with an adhesive tape. The strands thin fastening area makes it practically invisible. With Quick & Easy you could mix colors to get nice color effects and a natural look. 
Available in the quality Rapunzel® Original. 
10 common questions about hair extensions
5. For how long will my hair extensions last? 
Depending on which hair quality (Rapunzel® Original-, European-, Luxury) you’ve chosen, the durability on your hair extensions vary. But above all the durability is depending on how you take care of your extensions. We recommend you to re-do your permanent extensions within 5-7 weeks. If you do that you’ll minimize the risk that the fastening points on your extensions will grow out and cause damage to your natural hair. You also reduce the risk of tangled hair at the fastening points.
By untangling your hair often you reduce the risk of tangled hair and damage to the fastening points. Use your fingers or recommended hair brushes. Rapunzel’s recommended brushes are flexible and gentle on your hair and hair extensions. A good and recommended ritual is to go thru your hair once in the morning and once in the evening. When going to bed we recommend you to braid your hair to keep it as untangled as possible. Also braid your hair when doing sports or at moments when you feel that the weather can damage it. 
Chlorine- or salted water always wear and tear you hair, therefore we recommend you to use a bath cap when you know that your hair can be exposed to these substances. Another tip is to braid your hair and put it up in a high knot on your head to avoid the water.
6. Can I do a hair extension by myself? 
None of Rapunzel’s hair extension methods are too advanced not to be made at home. Depending on which method you choose also the degree of difficulty varies. A Clip on set is easy to attach by you but while attaching by some of our other methods it is good to have help from a friend, especially with the fastening points in the back of the neck.  
10 common questions about hair extensions
7. How long should my natural hair be before I can attach hair extensions? 
To be able to do a nice transition from your natural hair to your hair extensions we recommend you to have at least ten centimeters (4”) long natural hair. If you feel that you already have the long hair you wish for this is not a good time for despair. A hair extension gives your hair new life, if you feel that you already have the length why not get the fullness and- or the color that you wish for. By attaching just a few strands for a while can also re-vitalize your hair. 
8. Can I really handle it? 
Everyone can have hair extensions, but you need to have in mind that it requires more maintenance than your ordinary hair. The care is not advanced and by taking good care of your hair extensions you also take care of your natural hair. A win-win situation. 
9. How much does it cost? 
Depending of choice of quality also the price varies. It could be a good idea to figure out which quality you want before you buy your hair. The more expensive Luxury hair costs more but if you’re a person who strives to have long hair for a really long time it could be worth it. The hair can be re-used and the quality is also better. If you choose our Original hair you’ll get a hair for a cheaper price with a slightly shorter durability than a Luxury hair. 
10 common questions about hair extensions
10. How do I wash my hair in the best way? 
No matter if you have hair extensions or not there are certain things that you should avoid exposing your hair to. Before washing your hair it is recommended that you untangle your hair. Use Rapunzel’s recommended brushes and never brush a wet hair. Wet hairs are much weaker than dry hair and brushing a wet hair increases the risk of breakage of your hairs. 
When shampooing your hair; massage and cleanse the scalp, then let shampoo run along the tops when you rinse it. In that way you avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the lengths of your hair and you’ll also get a clean and fresh hair. When using conditioner you should avoid using it at the roots of the hairs and the scalp. Conditioner weighs down and clogs the pores of the scalp. This can cause hair loss, fungus and an oily scalp. This is not to prefer to anybody whether you have hair extensions or not. If you do have extensions conditioner at the hair roots it could also create a hair so smooth that the fastening points will slide of the hairs. Instead, while using conditioner, drag it along the lengths and rinse. 
Then apply heat protectors on your hair and let your hair self-dry or dry it on low heat with a blow dryer. Avoid rubbing your hair; instead squeeze it with a towel. While rubbing your hair this cause wear on the outer cuticle which can result in dull and frizzy hair. When your hair is all dried; untangle it, brush and style to preferred look. 
When attaching hair extensions with tape you need to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair, this due to the necessary hardening time of the tape. If you have attached extensions with any of our other methods we also recommend you to wait 48 hours before washing so that your fastening points may harden and your scalp can rest.