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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Sparkle Tafao


Photo: Vu David/lrcreativecamp | Ben Tsui
The American make-up artist and hair stylist Sparkle Tafao is a true artist when it comes to beautiful hair and an effortless look. Currenlty working with companies like Forever 21, the Oprah Winfrey Network and Halston. Here she shares her best hair hacks, explains how to get a naturally beautiful look, gentle waves and gives her best extension tips. Plus much, much more! 
Sparkle Tafao
Profession: Makeup/Hairstylist
Genre of work: Advertising, Print, and Editorial
Client list: Halston, Torrid, Forever 21, Oprah Winfrey Network, CBS, Pretty Little Thing, Stylestalker, Jetset Diaries
Current Styling Obsession: Clean, healthy, shiny, long luxurious hair - like Cher.
Typical day at work: 
Work starts at home pre packing based on concept and model. I have an in home office where I alternate between 5 kits. Once I arrive the visuals and concept are laid out with the art director and we discuss the direction we are going in. Pre packing is essential because each job is different. I get the model ready and have fun doing it. I know most of the models and we have so much fun together. I love putting together music playlists for us to listen to.
"They are the best quality extensions I've ever worked with."
Why are extensions so important in my kit:
Extensions are a big staple in my kit because I consider them a part of being prepared. Models hair takes lots of abuse from working everyday with heat and there are occasions they do jobs that require hair color. Having extensions gives you endless options when it comes to how you want the hair styled. Sometimes pieces are added for volume so its not always about just length. Sometimes pieces are added for color.

How did I end up working with Rapunzel of Sweden?
Im really particular about the companies I use and recommend. I wanted to find a hair extension company and had purchased extensions from several companies but the quality wasn't what I wanted. I saw something online with the Kardashians with led me to Rapunzels Instagram. I knew this was the company for me because its quality. I didn't know how to contact because the company was in Sweden. So I liked a few photos on Instagram and prayed about it. At 5 am I received an email to collaborate. No one will believe this story but thats exactly how it happened. I pray a lot. It was one of the best things that happened for me. They are the best quality extensions I've ever worked with.

Hacks for styling with extensions: 
Make sure your color match is right. With a company like Rapunzel there are so many color options. Always tease at the root minimally before applying clip ins to receive a undetectable look. Sometimes I also wash the extensions before using them and dry them so they blend well with natural hair. I don't have a problem with textures blending with Rapunzel extension quality.

How to achieve natural effortless waves:    
Good products and multiple hair tools. Sometimes you need two different size curling irons and a flat iron. The wave patterns not connecting subtly makes the hair full and the waves look real and effortless. It gives it a lived in feel. Also brush through your waves. You never want the hair too curly. Don't leave the heat on long when using hot tools.

How to style vacay hair with scarves?
Scarves are one of my favorite things. I use them as a headband. I love to wear them hippie style on top of the hair instead of underneath as a headband. They look beautiful wrapped around a ponytail. I like them tied in a bow. The styles are limitless. They look so pretty and girly. 

"Use any scarf, make sure it's long and not too wide. Wrap around your head twice and tie it in a bow."
Number one styling tool?
1.5 size barrel curling iron. This tool makes it so the hair isn't too curly and gives you the California cool girl hair.

Biggest style inspiration?
European magazines and websites. They are always ahead overseas. Love the Euro perspective. I always watch runways. After being in the fashion industry this long I can predict trends and forecast fashion as well.

What do I see as upcoming hair trends?
Sleek beautiful hair that looks healthy. Inpr predict less beachy and messy hair. Hairs going to return to beautiful and curated like time was taken into the construction of the style. Voluminously healthy curls, shine and beautiful waves.

Advice for a younger stylist?
Do the work and don't worry about if it's good. Just keep developing and your talent will grow. You will never know it all and will continue to grow as long as you strive to challenge yourself. The accomplishments and success will come if you keep doing the work. Just stay inspired.

"Inpr predict less beachy and messy hair. Hairs going to return to beautiful and curated like time was taken into the construction of the style."
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