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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Glitter Hair - How to get it


We've been seeing it on makeup, clothes, jewelry ... and hair. Glitter is hotter than ever before. Here we show you how to easily get the glitter  look for your hair at home. All you need is hair gel and, well, glitter. 

The Magic Mix

To get the glitter to stick, mix with hair gel and brush on the hair. 

Star Braid

For those who prefer gold over glitter, or maybe both, try gold leaf or silver stars! You can find it in hobby and craft shops.  Attach it by first brushing on the hair gel and then applying the gold flakes/stars. 

Glitter Buns

There are thousands of ways to get a gorgeous, glittery look for your hair. Just Google and get started!  One simple tip is to start at the part and work your way down. 

Swept Back Glitter Hair

We've seen this style everywhere this year in a wide range of forms. The secret to the look is spelled t-e-x-t-u-r-e, plus a flat iron and hair spray.  
How to:
  1. Wash hair, apply Rapunzel Blow Dry Cream (for heat protection and texture) and then blow dry.
  2. Apply heat protection and then use a flat iron to get hair really straight. 
  3. If you want more volume at the roots,   you can backcomb the hair with a fine-tooth comb, adding shape.
  4. Set the style with hairspray and finish with Rapunzel Hair Oil at the ends. 
To get the glitter to stick, mix with hair gel and brush on the hair. 
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