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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Original, European or Luxury. Which hair quality suits you?

Thick, straight, wavy, thin, curly, dark, coarse, blond. If you look and feel your hair maybe you can see that it has certain qualities. It could be thin or coarse and have other unique characteristics.  Just like all hair has. For that reason, we at Rapunzel have even chosen to classify our hair by these different characteristics. This is so that when you are choosing hair extensions you can get the closest quality match to your own hair. This choice means that you can choose hair that looks like your own. Here we hope to provide you with a simple guide so that you find the hair quality that suits you. 
Rapunzel® Original
An affordable alternative.

Rapunzel® Original

An affordable alternative and our best seller.  Suitable for those of you with less hair with coarser and darker strands.
Rapunzel Original is our best seller.   The hair is usually dark and a little coarse in origin which gives your hair and extensions extra stability and styling that holds longer. Rapunzel Original may have a natural wave to it after washing and you can curl, straighten or style just as you wish.  Rapunzel Original is the affordable option and has undergone more processing steps than European and Luxury qualities.
Rapunzel® European
Finer strands of higher quality hair.

Rapunzel® European

Fine strands of top quality hair.  Suitable for those of you with lots of very fine, fair hair.  
Rapunzel European is a bestseller in Scandinavia and the hairdresser’s favourite! The hair is fine and soft in origin, often fair or brown in colour which means that it is bleached fewer times in order to achieve the fairer shades we offer.  The surface layer of the hair is therefore less damaged leaving soft, pliable hair extensions which retain their shine and feel for longer. Rapunzel European may have a natural wave to it after washing and you can curl, straighten or style just as you wish.
Rapunzel® Luxury
Our very best hair.

Rapunzel® Luxury

Exclusivity both in quality touch. Our very best hair. 
Rapunzel Luxury suits those who want something extra special. The hair is rare in the market and there are few or no treatments done which makes Rapunzel Luxury the most exclusive quality we offer. It is best suited for those with thinner strands of hair who are looking for a hair of good quality with long durability. The soft and pliable hair has only been toned and the few, or no treatments it has received means that even the outer layers of the hair are well preserved. Luxury extensions can be reused again and again. Curl, style or straighten the hair – you can style as you like.

Read more about Rapunzel Hair Extensions

Each hair extension product consists of on average several thousand individual hair strands.   Not one exactly the same as another. It is human hair and been subjected to a variety of treatments, colouring and wear and tear in order to be of the quality and colour that you as a customer desires. We quality control our products every step of the way by doing checks at our suppliers during production but also regular product checks by Rapunzel’s own quality controller. We also employ SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut/ SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden och YKI, Ytkemiska Institutet/Institute for surface Chemistry to carry out certain lab tests. In this way we can keep an eye on the quality, be honest and clear with our customers and also develop our products. 
There are several factors to consider in achieving beautiful and natural hair. Of course, it is important to make sure the colour blends in naturally with your own hair. Also, careful consideration needs to be taken with regard to which method you choose to attach your hair so that it feels right and looks the most natural. In order for you to keep you hair as shiny and healthy as possible we suggest that you follow our recommendations for care and products to use.