Our best-selling Clip-on set is a classic hair extension that clicks in in just five minutes. It's ideal for beginner hair extension users and seasoned pros alike. Here's everything you need to know. Styling tips, products and how to proceed.

What is a Clip-on set?

The Clip-on set is our bestseller and is a classic hair extension made of real hair that you can attach in just five minutes. Clip-on (also called clip on hair extensions, hair clip ins, clip in weave, clip on, clips, clip hair, clip in, clip in hair extensions, hair clip or simply extensions clip), is an extension method that works just as well for first-timers as experienced users.

How to put in hair extensions with clips

Clip-on extensions are attached in the morning and removed at night. In other words, you must not sleep, swim, or shower with them in. To put in these extensions, you only need a pin tail comb. It’s up to you whether you want to curl or straighten before attaching or after. Both ways work. When attaching your Clip-on, you start by creating a horizontal parting. Pull away any hair that remains. Tease the hair that is closest to the scalp at the parting. Open the hair clips by bending until you hear a click, and then attach the extensions to the teased area. Repeat this procedure for all pieces. 

Rapunzel Clip-on hair extensions come in packages of 1, 3 or 7 pieces with sewn-in clips and can be used as extensions, thickeners or to create a dramatic colored hair extension. The hair is completely real and can be styled or cut however you want. Using genuine hair gives you both a natural look and also hair that falls naturally just like your own. The clips, which are sewn into your hair, come in various colors to match your hair, and we offer dark clips for dark hair, light hair for blonde hair etc. Each piece has a different number of clips in the hair depending on its width. The width of the segments is adjusted for placement in different areas on your head to ensure nice hair extensions. This also means that your extensions will flow naturally into your hair and blend right into your natural look.

Lengthening, thickening, color effects

The different types of hair extensions in the family of Clip-on sets that Rapunzel offers make it easier for you to truly express yourself. The 3- and 7-piece sets contain various amounts of hair (measured in grams) and allow you to mix the number of pieces and grams of hair. As a rule of thumb, the fuller your natural hair is, the more extensions you need. Shorter hair also tends to require fewer grams. Here are some tips on how you can mix and match these packages to achieve the fullness that you desire.

50 grams – Hair thickening

Clip-on 3 pieces gives you 50 grams of extensions made up of three equally wide and equally long pieces. This package also works if you want full thick hair or more color effects since you can choose a color that is different from your natural hair. If you have thinning hair, the Clip-on 3 pieces set could be enough to give you the same effect as full extensions.

50 + 50 grams – Thickening/ hair extension/ color effects

With two packages of Clip-on 3 pieces, you get 50+50 grams of cool hair extensions made up of six pieces, all the same width and length. Mixing two packages also makes it possible to create ravishing color effects, and also allows you to capture and complement all of the nuances in your hair. It also creates a full-bodied style with maximum volume and hair extension lengths.

100 grams – Classic hair extensions

Clip-on 7 pieces is the classic choice for many of our customers. It works perfectly for those who want to have long and full-bodied hair and have natural hair that is somewhere between thin and full. 

100 + 50 grams – length and volume

Do you already have full-bodied hair and are looking for maximum volume? In that case, just mix one package of Clip-on 7 pieces with one package of Clip-on 3 pieces. This gives you 150 grams of volume and hair extension length, and a number of pieces that you can place wherever you want to. This is perfect for those who have or want to have long and full hair in no time.

100 + 100 grams – length and mega volume

If you have naturally full hair that you want to be longer or if you want hair with mega volume, then two packages of Clip-on 7 pieces is the perfect choice for you. This gives you 200 grams of extensions and completely unforgettable hair.

How to cut hair extensions

Depending on what your hair looks like and exactly what it is that you are going for, you may need to cut your Clip-on after putting it in. For best results, it’s a good idea to create balance between your natural hair and the natural hair extensions so that the gaps between the two don’t show. To cut the extensions, you’ll need to angle the scissors and thin out the extension hairs strand by strand starting at the roots. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can always contact us or speak to your stylist.

How to style extensions

Rapunzel’s real hair extensions can be styled just like your natural hair. When you curl hair extensions or use a blow-dryer or flat iron on them, you should use heat protection to shield both your own hair and the extensions from the harsh exposure. Your Clip-on extensions can be styled before or after you apply them. You can also just use a few of the pieces in your Clip-on set to add coverage as needed.

How to wash hair extensions

Removable Clip-on extensions that you click on and off are not permanent and do not need to be washed as often as permanent solutions. Besides, washing your hair less often is healthy as doing so helps maintain its quality and longevity. But how often you need to wash your Clip-on set depends on how often you use it and how much styling product you use. 
Brush through your Clip-on hair extensions before use. Undo all tangles. Grab hold of the upper edge of the section at the clips and rinse with lukewarm water from the clips to the ends. Apply shampoo in the same direction. Rub in and rinse thoroughly. Then apply a generous amount of conditioner in the same fashion. Rinse thoroughly. Squeeze the water out and allow the section to air dry on a towel, before then hanging it up to get it completely dry. Only brush the hair when it’s dry – never when it is damp or wet.

How to store extensions

Brush through your dry Clip-on set and store it in a dry place; preferably in a closed box, bag, on a hanger, or other storage suitable for hair extension clip-ons.
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