Sleek Clip-on set

3 pieces

C2.2/10.5 Dark Cool Blonde ColorMelt 50 cm

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Sleek Clip-on set – Hair extensions with clips, 3 pieces

Pour plus de reflets et de volume

Sleek Clip-on set offers a seamless result with discreet attachments that sit comfortably and firmly on your head. Particularly suitable for fine to medium thick hair or for those who wish to add volume in a subtle and natural way. 

Sleek Clip-on set of 3 pieces comprises ready-to-wear hair extensions with integral clips. 3 pieces is ideal if you want to add volume or highlights to your existing hair in a discreet way, or as a complement to Sleek Clip-on set of 7 pieces for maximum volume and length.

Advantages of Sleek Clip-on set

  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Comfortable attachments that provide a seamless result
  • Ideal for fine to medium thick hair
  • Weft in flexible and comfortable PU
  • Suitable for all occasions

Weight and size

50 cm: 50 g of hair extensions divided into seven ready-to-wear pieces (total weight: 58 g) with flexible PU weft. The clips are sewn into the weft.

3 pieces:

Your Clip-on set contains three hair pieces of the same width (14 cm). Each piece has three clips.


3 ready-to-wear hair pieces with integral clips
1 pin tail comb
1 hairgrip

This pack also includes a separate hair piece for you to be able to check the colour and quality of your new hair extensions. When you have checked the colour of the Sleek Clip-on set and decided that you wish to keep it, you can add it with the other pieces in the box.

This is how

  1. Backcomb the hair in sections
  2. Attach the clips to your own hair by bending them until you hear a click
  3. And you're done! Style as desired and enjoy your new locks!