Lace Front

Silicone Tape


Article No.: 20064

Lace Front Silicone tape - For wigs

Lace Front Silicone tape is recommended for use with Rapunzel® Lace Front Wigs.

A slightly wider double-sided tape that keeps your wig in place, is gentle to the skin and water resistant.

Lace Front Silicone tape can be used for other purposes, such as the Skin Weft method. Note, however, that Lace Front Tape is wider than our usual tape made for this purpose.    


May contain traces of latex.


Length: 3 yards


Width: 0,8"  



  1. Apply Lace Front silicone tape on the wig. Do not touch the sticky side of the tape.
  2. Use scissors and cut the tape to preferred size. 
  3. Remove the safety plastic. 
  4. Attach the wig on your head.