Lace Front

Silicone tape Super Strong


Article No.: 20065

Lace Front Silicone tape for wigs – Super Strong

Lace front Silicone tape is recommended for the use of Rapunzel® Lace wigs.

A more narrow doublesided silicone tape will keep your wig in its right place, is gentle on your skin and water resistant. Lace Front Silicone tape can also be used for other tape attachments.
Might contain traces of Latex. Avoid if you have sensitive skin or swelling occurs.
Length: 108" (2,7 m)
Width: 5,16" (0,8 cm)
It is this simple:
  1. Apply Lace Front Silicone tape onto your wig. Do not touch the adhesive side.
  2. Cut into size.
  3. Remove protective plastic.
  4. Attach the wig to your head.