Lace Wig

Human Hair


Article No.: 10035.112

Rapunzel Lace Wig - Human hair

Hand-tied and specially designed wig made of Rapunzel Premium hair. Our most luxurious wig with a very natural look and feeling. 

Rapunzel Lace Wig has been specially developed to meet your requirements in the form of comfort, ease of use and a modern style. The base of the wig is made of very fine lace upon which each individual hair is hand-tied in order to give an appearance just like the crown of your own head without seeing obvious wig edges. The back section is reinforced with hair wefts that are sewn onto the lace. You can change the size of the wig at the nape of your neck with the help of elastic clips.

The Rapunzel Lace wig is made of genuine Rapunzel Premium hair. Soft and supple yet durable, the wig can be worn just like ordinary hair, cut and styled to best frame your face.

Your Rapunzel Lace wig is sent to you uncut and not yet styled. 

Quality: Rapunzel Premium real hair

Size: Medium (21.6-24”)