Lace Wig

Made of real hair

10.8 Light Blonde 35 cm

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Article No.: 10058.102

Lace Wig

A luxurious hand-tied wig made of real hair, with a natural look and a supple feel.

Lace Wig is a luxurious wig with a soft and supple base for the best possible fit without chafing. The base consists of a coloured net with a natural look that covers the entire head, except for a small section at the back of the neck where it has been reinforced with a weft for extra volume. Each hair strand has been hand-tied to the net to give a natural and seamless result with no visible edges. The elastic attachment at the neck makes it possible to adjust the size of the wig.

The hair is of premium quality, which means you can style your wig as desired. A lace wig also allows you to vary your parting. Our Lace Wig is delivered uncut and unstyled. Ask your hairdresser for help when it comes to tinting and shaping the wig according to your facial features and look.

Weight and size


The wig has a circumference of 54–60 cm (medium). It comes with a dust bag, extension brush and care instructions in a practical storage box.

35 cm: 145 g of real hair.
45 cm: 185 g of real hair.
55 cm: 215 g of real hair.

Quality: Premium

Things to consider

  • Guideline for putting on the wig: Measure using 4 fingers, little finger to index finger, from your eyebrow up over your forehead. Place the wig where your index finger ends.
  • Carefully remove the wig by lifting it off from the inside. Never pull it off by the hair.
  • When using styling tools, always turn on heat protection and never exceed a temperature of 180°C.
  • Gently brush the hair twice daily with the accompanying extension brush. Start by detangling it with your fingers, then hold it when you brush from the bottom and work your way up – always on dry hair.
  • To prevent hair loss, apply only shampoo and no other hair care products at the base of the wig.
  • Use moisturising products on the lengths such as conditioner, a mask or hair oil.
  • The durability of the wig depends on the amount of care and attention you give it. If you store it in the accompanying dust bag or on a wig stand, do not expose it to excessive heat and follow our care instructions, so you can enjoy your wig over a long period of time.