Whether it's for a Friday night out...

An evening in town? Go for a hairstyle that will give you an extra boost! A ponytail can be styled in endless ways, and only your creativity sets the limits. Take your ponytail to the next level with Clip-in Ponytail. Wear it high or low, make it sleek or messy. Flatten it, curl it, braid it or make a bubble pony!


...or a Sunday brunch

A quick-fix hairstyle with a rich, luxurious finish – perfect for brunch with family or friends. With the Clip-on set, you can easily create extra length and volume! Choose between 3-piece and 7-piece sets, and style with your own hair to create a look you love. Pair your hair with a knitted sweater and lovely accessories, and you’ll be 100% brunch-ready.