Clip-on set Original 7 pieces 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm
Clip-on set Original 7 pieces 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm
Clip-on set Original 7 pieces 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm

Clip-on set

Original 7 pieces

10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm



Light blonde. Slightly golden undertone. Solid colour. Neutral tone.


Article No.: 10002.116

Clip-on set 7 pieces

Long hair in 5 minutes, a complete set to get the hair of your dreams - the hairdressing you have wished to have. 

  • Complete set of hair extensions - your clip on set consists of 7 parts.
  • Clip on set - real hair
  • Attach your hair extensions easily by opening and closing by bending the clip.
  • Our genuine hair extensions you can curl and style as you wish!

Weight and size

12" (30 cm): 80 g hair (total weight: 90 g)
16-28" (40-70 cm): 100 g hair (total weight: 110 g)


90/110 grams divided into 7 ready made parts with pre-attached clips. The parts are specially designed to allow variation and are perfectly adapted to your hairdressing. 
Product details:
1 part, 8" wide with 4 clips, 2 parts, 6" with 3 clips, 2 parts, 4" with 2 clips, och 2 parts 2" with one clip each.


Normally you need 1 set for a complete hair extension and 2 sets if you have very thick hair or wish to create a really voluminous or long hair dressing.

Do you need help finding the right length?
See our length guide

Rapunzel Original is the recommended quality for temporary hair extensions or short-term permanent hair extensions. The hair is originally often black or dark brown. The hair cuticles have been removed and the hairs are facing in different directions, so that the hair needs extra much moisture. 

Rapunzel Original lasts up to 5 weeks with the correct hair care if used daily. The durability of temporary hair extensions which are not used daily is longer. 

Daily care of your extensions:

  • Use only Rapunzel of Sweden's care and styling products and follow our recommendations as found in the care instructions.
  • De-tangle your hair often – at least once in the morning and once in the evening. Check any attachments so that no knots have formed along your scalp.
  • You should braid hair before sleeping. Never sleep with wet hair.
  • Always braid your hair before working out or playing sports. Take out your Clip-on set, Ponytail and similar items before working out or playing sports.
  • Always de-tangle your hair before you shower and never brush your hair when it is wet.
  • You can straighten, curl and style our real hair extensions any way you like! Please make sure to use a heat protection spray before and to not use more than 180 degrees Celsius (this does not apply to curly hair, please check our advice for curly hair below).

Please keep in mind:

  • Regarding hair pieces such as Clip-on sets, Clip-in Ponytails or Clip-in Fringes: for the best result, wash the hair according to the Hairguide's instructions before using them for the first time.
  • Hair extensions are not recommended for people using certain medications and for those suffering from certain illnesses. Consult with your medical practitioner if you are unsure. Please check possible allergies before using the product.
  • We do not recommend that you dye or bleach extensions. This includes colour bombs, tinting, toning, colour-depositing masks, henna, silver shampoo, bleaching, dyeing and the like.
  • Protect your hair of strong sunlight and avoid bathing in seawater or chlorinated water.
  • Avoid contact with sunscreen or similar products as they may discolour the hair extensions.
  • Follow our instructions when you remove your extensions and use the recommended products so that your own hair will not be damaged.

Curly hair:

  • Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb before you wash your hair. Never brush curly hair when it is dry. Detangle the hair with your fingers after washing it.
  • We do not recommend to style curly hair with curling irons, straighteners or other styling tools using heat.

Please click here to find more information in our care instructions.

Enjoy your fabulous new hair!