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Quick & Easy Tape extensions – Curly hair

Create a natural, curly look with Quick & Easy! 

The curly hair extensions are perfectly suited to hair lengthening, thickening and adding special colour effects. Using tape, the extensions last up to 8 weeks. The thin fastening makes the hair blend in well with your natural hair and it can easily be re-applied using refill tape.

We recommend:

1-4 packets for hair thickening. 
5-7 packets for a full head hair extension.
8-10 packets if you have - or would like to have - really thick, voluminous, or long hair.

One pack includes:

40 cm (16"): 18 grams hair extensions divided into 8 pre-taped sections. Each section of hair is 4 cm wide and weighs 2,25 grams. 
Curl sizes:
About 1,5 cm in diameter.
The length of the hair is based on its straight condition.

This is how easy it is:

  1. Wash your hair with Rapunzel of Sweden's shampoo before applying the hair extensions.  
  2. Part the hair into various areas. Lift small amounts of hair and apply a pre-taped hair section under the hair close to the parting. Add a second tape hair section on the top of the parting and press together.  
  3. If possible do not style or wash your hair for at least two days after application.  
  4. When washing your hair avoid getting conditioner on the tape sections.
  5. To help your fasteners last as long as possible, we recommend blow-drying your hair carefully at a low temperature after washing.
  6. Insertions lasts for approx. 6 to 8 weeks. Check the attachments after 4 weeks.


Curly or wavy hair:
Rapunzel's curly hair extensions are permed and therefore require extra care. Use a hair mask with every wash and detangle the hair with a wide toothed comb. Never use a straightener or similar tool on curly or wavy hair.


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