Nail Hair

Original Curly

2.3 Chocolate Brown 40 cm

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Article No.: 10009.104

Nail Hair - Curly hair extensions

Perfect if you're looking for curly hair extensions which last longer.   
Nail Hair attaches using heat so that the bonding will last up to 12 weeks. The hair is real and the curls softly S shaped for a nice, soft hang. The curls are permed which means that they hold their shape for both washing and styling. This is one of our most popular methods and the secure attachment is perfect for active people.

This is included: 

20 grams of hair divided into 20 strands. Each strand weighs 1 gram.
The length of the hair is based on its natural straight condition.
Curl sizes: About 1,5 cm in diameter.


Normally you need 1-4 packages for a thickening, 5-7 packages for a complete hair extension and 8-10 packages for a super hair extension if you want really thick or long hair. We recommend that you mix colours to achieve a natural look.
Tip! For more defined curls, let the hair self-dry after washing. For more volume and blow drying, use a diffuser blow dryer.

The installation lasts for up to 2 months. Check the attachments after 4 weeks.