Lace Closure

Curly Curls


Article No.: 10024.103

Lace Closure Curly Curls – Curly extensions

Soft Lace Closure with Curly Curls curls, an ideal complement to your full head weave.
You sew in your Lace Closure on the top of your head or the side of your hair to get your weave-look to appear even more natural. The front is made up of a net of hand-knitted hair strands for a lifelike scalp. The net is cut after application which makes it easy to ensure it follows your hairline.

Weight and size

35cm: 12 x 9.5 cm (net), contains 34g of hair.

Advantages of the Lace Closure

  • Closure with Curly Curls curls, ideal for Curly Curls Hair wefts.
  • Net bottom for a natural look.
  • Applied using a weave method to help achieve a natural look on your full head weave.
  • Perfect if you have problems with bald spots, receding hairline or thinning hair. 
  • Real hair that can easily be shaped and styled to suit your need. 
Tips! You can also fold the net into your Lace Closure, making it easy to conceal seams. Use a needle and thread, cut the net just in front of the hairline, fold the edge over and sew in place.
Take care when styling your Closure using heat. The net can melt.