Sleek Hairband 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm
Sleek Hairband 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm
Sleek Hairband 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm
Sleek Hairband 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm
Sleek Hairband 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm
Sleek Hairband 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm
Sleek Hairband 10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm
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Sleek Hairband

10.8 Light Blonde 50 cm



Light blonde. Slightly golden undertone. Solid colour. Neutral tone.


Article No.: 10056.102

Product information

Sleek Hairband is ready-to-wear and gives you natural-looking volume, quickly and easily. The feather-light hair is attached around the head like a halo, with a thin thread and clips. The discreet thread and thin weft blend in nicely with your own hair for a seamless result. The hair is real and can be worn alone or styled together with your own hair.

Width: 30 cm (4 clips)
Weight: 75 g hair
Contents: 3 threads

Rapunzel of Sweden’s extensions are made of real hair, so they act like real hair. This means that the colour of your extensions will not always be exactly the same and may sometimes differ from the product images. Read more about colour differences in the colour guide.


This is how

  1. Create a horizontal parting with a pintail comb and secure the upper hair with a hair clip
  2. Backcomb the hair closest to the parting and spray with hairspray
  3. Place Sleek Hairband along the parting, with the thread on top of the head
  4. Attach the clips to the backcombed hair
  5. Release the upper hair


For a long life, wash temporary extensions only when necessary. Use Rapunzel of Sweden’s shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, which is adapted for extensions.
  1. Detangle the hair with the Extension Brush before washing. Start with the ends and work your way up.
  2. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water and then apply shampoo from root to tip. Avoiding rubbing. Rinse thoroughly and repeat with shampoo a second time.
  3. Towel dry the hair with Rapunzel’s Turban Hair Towel and then apply the hair mask. Leave on for at least 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
  4. Apply conditioner to the lengths and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Allow the hair to dry naturally, preferably on a Hair Hanger.
  6. Detangle the hair when dry.

Please keep in mind:

  • Always remove your temporary extensions before sleeping, exercising or bathing.
  • Store temporary extensions in a dry, dark place, preferably hung on a Hair Hanger. Detangle hair before storage.
  • Always use heat protection when styling with heating tools and style at maximum 180°C. Temporary extensions can be styled before insertion.
  • DO NOT use hair colour, colour bomb, toning, tinting, colour mask, henna, silver shampoo, bleach or similar on temporary extensions.
  • Avoid contact with sunscreen and similar products that may discolour the hair. Protect the hair from the sun.
  • Hair extensions are not recommended when taking certain medications and during certain diseases. Consult your doctor if you are not sure. Find out about any allergies before using extensions.