Hair Weft

Coily Curl


Article No.: 10021.104

Hair Weft Coily Curl – Curly hair extensions

Hair weft with tiny, almost crimped coily curls. Perfect if you have really tiny curls.   

  • The hair weft is ideal to apply using a weave method.
  • The hair is real and can easily be shaped and styled to suit your need. Perfect if you have fewer curls/afro hair
  • Reverts to its curly shape after washing.
This includes: 100 g hair/package. The hair weft is 2 m wide. The length of the hair is measured when it is straight. 
You need:  
Weaving: The number of packages varies depending on the length of the extension. We recommend:  
10” 12” (25-30 cm): 1-2 packages 14” 16” 18” (35-45 cm): 2-3 packages 
Tips: For more defined curls, let the hair self-dry after washing. For more volume, use a blowdryer with a diffuser.