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Artist Talent Weft

7.0 40 cm

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Article No.: 10075.130

Product information

Artist Talent Weft is an exclusive hair weft designed by hairdressers for hairdressers. The innovative design allows you to cut the weft to the desired width without losing hair or compromising on durability. Insertion is time-efficient as you do not need to attach the cut ends. The soft and flexible weft is very thin and lies flat and comfortably against the head, as the hair is integrated and has no inverted hairs. The real human hair is Remy and double drawn, which gives a voluminous result from root to tip. With the help of nano-rings, Artist Talent Weft gives a natural-looking result with invisible attachments.


Width: 100 cm

Weight 40 cm: 45 g

Weight 60 cm: 60 g