Clip-in Fringe

Limited Edition

2.0 Dark Brown



Article No.: 10069.103

Clip-in Fringe Limited Edition 

A full fringe that will totally transform your look.

Get a quick and easy makeover with big results. With our Clip-in Fringe Limited Edition, you can wear a trendy or classic fringe for a day – without cutting your own hair. The natural-looking, luxurious fringe is made of real hair, and can be cut and styled to your desired look. Get help from your hairdresser if you want to change the length of the fringe, trim it or style it according to your wishes. 

Clip-in Fringe Limited Edition is an updated version of our previous Clip-in Fringe, now with more premium hair and an improved attachment point.

  • Natural-looking Clip-in Fringe
  • A new hairstyle in minutes
  • Easy to attach and remove by opening and closing the clips
  • Style as desired.

Weight and size

10 cm long fringe with 17 cm at the sides. Total weight: 17 g.


A full fringe that will totally transform your look. 10 cm long fringe with 17 cm at the sides; the fringe is attached with four clips. Dustbag for easy storage.

Comb: May contain nickel.

Quality: Premium

This is how:

  1. Wash the fringe before first use
  2. Attach the clips to your own hair by bending them until you hear a click
  3. And you’re done! Style as desired and enjoy!

Important: For best results, wash and style your fringe before first use. 

Additional info

With our Clip-in Fringe, you can change your hairstyle without cutting your own hair. Wear it as a straight fringe, style it to an angle or flatter your face with a curtain fringe.

Clip-in Fringe is perfect to combine with our other temporary hair extensions such as Clip-in Ponytail, Clip-on set or Hairband, or as a complement to permanent extensions. The product is made of a natural material, therefore subtle variations in appearance may occur.