Clip-on set Body Wave

7 pieces

10.8 Light Blonde 60 cm

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Article No.: 10004.102

Rapunzel Clip-on set Body Wave – Hair Extensions

Long hair in 5 minutes, a complete set to get the hair of your dreams - the hairdressing you have wished to have.

  • Complete set of hair extensions - your clip on set consists of 7 parts (total weight: 110 grams).
  • Clip-on set made of real hair
  • Attach your hair extensions easily by bending the clips.


110 grams divided into 7 ready made parts with pre-attached clips. The parts are specially designed to allow variation and are perfectly adapted to your hairdressing. The length of the hair is based on its natural straight condition.

Product details

1 part, 8" wide with 4 clips, 2 parts, 6" with 3 clips, 2 parts, 4" with 2 clips, and 2 parts, 2" with one clip each.


Normally you need 1 set for a complete hair extension and 2 sets if you have very thick hair or wish to create a really voluminous or long hair dressing. 

Curly or wavy hair:
Rapunzel's curly hair extensions are permed and therefore require extra care. Use a hair mask with every wash and detangle the hair with a wide toothed comb. Never use a straightener or similar tool on curly or wavy hair.