Hair extensions

With extensions in real or synthetic hair, you can easily change your hairstyle and create a new look. Choose from long and thick, curly or straight and either a more permanent attachment or something that you can remove at the end of the day. In order to meet your needs, Rapunzel has therefore developed a variety of different methods of hair extensions that you can easily attach yourself at home. 

There are three methods to choose from if you want long-lasting hair extensions: Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair, which you attach with heated wax or Tape method, hair which is attached using tape. These extension methods are all suitable for longer term application and are no problem when doing sports or taking showers. The third method, hair wefts, can be inserted in a choice of ways: Either sewn onto a French plait known as a weave, they can be attached using the Beaded Weft method, secured with micro rings or even sewn onto a Clip-on set.

If you are trying hair extensions for the first time or just want to have long hair just for the evening, then a Clip-on set is the right option for you. A set includes three or seven hair pieces that you can easily click in and out with clips in a few minutes. Choose between the classic Clip-on set or the Sleek Clip-on set, which has a smaller attachment.

You can also create a temporary hair extension or add volume with Sleek Hairband. The Hairband gives you volume and length with just a few clips, quickly and easily.

If you want to create trendy hairstyles with maximum volume and length, Clip-in Ponytail and Easy Braid Extensions are the perfect choice. All hair extensions are easy to attach and can be used to create a wide variety of hairstyles.

For first-time users, our Vegan Collection is also a good choice. It includes Ponytails and Hair Scrunchies made from synthetic hair. The synthetic hair extensions are very natural-looking and of high quality.

All Rapunzel of Sweden hair extension methods come in huge variety of colours, lengths and qualities. All real and synthetic hair extensions can be cut, washed and styled as desired. Get help finding the right method, colour and length by viewing our Hair Guide.

Below you can click on each different hair extension application available and read more about how to go about inserting the hair yourself.