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Heatless Hair Curler



Article No.: 20330.100

Product information

The Heatless Hair Curler is the perfect styling tool for those who want beautiful curls without wear and tear. To create the curls, place the headband around your head and then twist your slightly damp hair around the eight arms. When the hair dries, it leaves you with curls that resemble those created by curling tongs. The headband is very soft and rests lightly on your head, so you can comfortably use the Heatless Hair Curler while you sleep. Since heat is not used, the method is so gentle that you can use the Heatless Hair Curler every day while keeping your hair healthy.

Colour: Black
Outer: Satin blend and adjustable elastic band with hook
Inner: Cotton
Number of arms: 8
Arm length: 24 cm excl. elastic bands
Circumference (incl. elastic band): approx. 52 – 62 cm
  1. Brush through slightly damp hair (Tip: if your hair is dry, moisten with Moisture & Protection spray).
  2. Place the Heatless Hair Curler around your head like a headband. Adjust the size with the elastic band and attach with the hook.
  3. Take a section of hair and twist around one of the Heatless Hair Curler arms. Leave the end of the arm free.
  4. Fold the free end over the twisted hair and secure with the elastic band.
  5. Repeat steps 2–4 with the remaining arms (or as many arms as needed).
  6. Leave the Heatless Hair Curler in overnight or until hair is dry (Tip: sleep on the Bamboo Pillow Case which absorbs moisture and lets warm air escape).
  7. Loosen the folded ends and twist the hair.
  8. Remove the Heatless Hair Curler. Brush through your hair with the Hair Extension Brush or detangle with fingers. Secure with hairspray