Heatless curls kit

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Article No.: 20280.100

Heatless hair curler kit

Now it’s easy to embrace the TikTok heatless curls trend. This kit contains everything you need to easily and gently create the perfect curls – without using heat.


1 satin bracket (diameter 90 x 3 cm)
2 satin scrunchies
2 hairgrips

This is how

  1. For best results, use on slightly damp hair
  2. Divide the hair into two sections
  3. Use the hairgrip to secure the bracket on the centre of the head, ensuring that each side of the bracket is the same length
  4. Twist the hair around the bracket and secure with the scrunchie
  5. Leave on for at least 3–5 hours until the hair is completely dry, or overnight
  6. Remove the scrunchie and the bracket, and style your hair as desired
  7. Finish with hairspray for the best hold.