Hair Repair Kit null


Article No.: 20332.100

Product information

Create a luxurious spa experience and pamper your hair with the Hair Repair kit! The kit contains Hair Mask, a nourishing and moisturising hair mask that leaves your hair silky smooth with more texture and shine. Included is a Bamboo Turban Hair Towel, a soft and supple towel in absorbent bamboo. The towel shortens drying time, is gentle on the hair, and minimises frizz. The wonderful scent of the hair mask and the lightness of the towel combine to create an indulgent spa feeling in your daily hair care routine and leave you with healthy, beautiful hair.

Hair Repair kit is the perfect gift, or a treat for yourself. Can be used with or without extensions. Total value 41 €.


  • Bamboo Turban Hair Towel
  • Hair Mask
  1. Detangle the hair with the Extension Brush before washing. Start with the ends and work your way up.
  2. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water and then apply shampoo from root to tip. Avoiding rubbing. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo again.
  3. Towel dry your hair with the Bamboo Turban Hair Towel and then apply the Hair Mask. Leave in for at least 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  4. Apply conditioner. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Towel dry your hair with the Bamboo Turban Hair Towel.
  6. Detangle the hair when dry.