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Invisible Look Eyelashes Max null

Invisible Look Eyelashes




Article No.: 20322.100

Rapunzel’s Invisible Look Eyelashes are very natural-looking false eyelashes that give your own lashes extra length and volume. The transparent attachment strip is very thin and the eyelashes blend in nicely with your own lashes for a natural, voluminous result. The featherlight lashes are easy to apply with Rapunzel Eyelash Glue and can be reused.

Qty: One pair
Colour: Black
Material: Synthetic fibre
Glue not included.
  1. Remove the lashes from the package using tweezers
  2. Check the size of the eyelash against the eye Cut the lash if it is too long
  3. Apply a thin layer of Rapunzel Eyelash Glue to the attachment strip of the eyelash and allow to dry for a few seconds
  4. Apply the eyelash along your own lash line, starting at the outer corner
  5. Turn the tweezers and press along the entire lash line