Sleek'n Chic


Article No.: 20032

Sleek'n Chic – Volume Brush

This brush untangles, shapes and gives your hair a nice more playful look. Sleek'n Chic is made of a ceramic cover with large holes which helps the heat to spread along the whole hair brush; this reduces the risk of burning the hair and also makes it dry faster. 
The hair brush has long varnished tourmaline pins which untangle, shape and give your hair that perfect look. The pulverized minerals in the tourmaline formula also work closing for the hairs which give it more shine and luster. 
Its design makes the brush suitable for slightly thicker, shorter hairs and with its antistatic qualities it also tames frizzy and flyaway hair. 
With a brush handle made of rubber you´ll get a firm and ergonomic grip which makes it easier to create the hair of your dreams.