What are hair extensions?

The answer to this question might seem crystal clear. Hair extensions are used to make your hair longer or thicker. But they also have a lot of attributes that not everyone knows about. Here, we have listed some information about hair extensions’ unique qualities so that you can take care of them as well as possible.

Care and moisture are the key

We cannot stress enough how important moisture and the right hair care products are for hair extensions. You might have already read this in our care instructions. But why is it so important? In contrast to your own hair, hair extensions are not receiving the nutrients they need from the scalp. All nutrients and moisture are obtained through the hair care products that you are using. This is why it is extra important to use hair care products that help your hair as well as possible, as extensions cannot regenerate and rejuvenate as your own hair. The right care and a lot of moisture are therefore the key to make your hair look healthy, shiny, and fabulous for as long as possible.

Hair is hair

Hair extensions do not have all the same attributes as your own hair, but there are a lot of similarities. Do you often get dry and frizzy hair during winter, or does your hair get tangled when you sleep with open hair? Rapunzel of Sweden’s Original and Premium hair is also affected by outer influences and surroundings. This also applies to hair made from synthetic fibres. Just like for your own hair, there are a lot of useful tips and tricks how you can give your hair a little extra attention from time to time to prevent it from becoming dry or tangled. Our customer service experts are glad to give you some tips to make your hair feel as well as it can.

Every product is an individual product

Hair extensions are a natural product, meaning that every product we sell is a unique product. It can therefore happen that a product contains some hairs that could not be coloured, or that the colour of one package is lighter or can fade faster than the colour of another package. Some hairs can be thicker, and some hairs can be thinner, and your hair extensions can be slightly wavy after washing them. All these unique traits and variations make your new hair look livelier and contribute to a natural-looking result.

The colour of the hair

The real-hair extensions we are selling are originally dark brown or black before they are coloured. With time, the colour will fade, just like when you colour your own hair. The colour can for example become lighter or warmer. It is also affected by sunlight and chlorinated or salt water, and because of that it is important to protect your hair when going bathing and swimming. As your extensions’ attributes can vary, they can react differently to influences and surroundings. It is part of the product’s character that the colour can change, but it does not affect its quality.

Hair extensions’ durability

As hair extensions are a natural product, they will not last forever. Permanently installed hair, which is being used daily and washed often, wears out faster compared to temporary hair extension methods which are only used occasionally. Therefore, we state the following durability on our website: Premium hair lasts up to 6 months and Original hair lasts up to 5 weeks when used daily with the right hair care. After this period, it might be necessary to buy new extensions. We recommend having the extensions’ tips cut at your hairdresser’s occasionally so that the extensions keep healthy and fresh.

Synthetic hair extensions last up to one month with daily use. Looking after the extensions according to the care instructions will extend their life.

Avoid colour treatments

We offer almost 70 different hair colours in our range. Our extensions are coloured to achieve the nuances that we offer. Because the hair has already been coloured, we do not recommend doing further colour treatments. The hairs’ natural pigments have been removed while they were coloured. A further colour treatment can result in a stronger outcome than it would on uncoloured hair, as there are no pigments left that can compensate the hair colour. The extensions can also become dry. It is therefore sometimes necessary to colour and adapt your own hair to the colour of the extensions if there is no suitable hair extensions colour for you.